Because I needed yet another one.

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Thanks to Mr. Anonymous Commenter pointing me in the direction of an auction on the eBay, I am now the proud owner of this comic:

…which makes this the 10th copy of the very first Swamp Thing story in my collection. (You can see the first eight here, and the ninth here.)

The back cover promises “a quartet of horrifying tales,” as you can see:

…even though one of the stories is a Shelley Mayer/Alfredo Alcala gag strip from Plop! #1. And, as you may infer from that statement, this is not a direct reprinting of House of Secrets #92, which is pictured there on the cover. It has the Swamp Thing tale from that issue, but a couple stories from House of Mystery as well (one by Neal Adams, the other by Jim Aparo), so it’s still a nice little package.

I don’t remember the circumstances surrounding this “DC Silver Edition” series, which came out in 1993, though a hasty Googling reveals that this series also included the Man of Steel mini-series, the Batman: Sword of Azrael mini, and an issue of Batman Adventures. Plus, as far as I know, they were not available through the direct market. If someone out there knows more about them, please clue me in.

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