DC solicits, and links to things that amused me.

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From the new DC solicits:

It’s not a regular 6-inch action figure of Ma Hunkel as the Red Tornado, but I’LL TAKE IT:

And these are kinda cute, too. And, oh look, they’re even holding hands:

Other items from the solicitations:

Superman & Batman Vs. Aliens & Predator trade paperback – Wow, that was fast, particularly for DC, considering the second issue of the series isn’t out yet. Who do those DC people think they are — Marvel or something? I wonder what behind-the-scenes goings-on prompted this fast release.

Wonder Woman #7 – “Part 2 of acclaimed novelist Jodi Picoult’s instant-classic WONDER WOMAN run….” Okay, “instant-classic” is perhaps overstating it a bit…hey, maybe it’s great, but give us a chance to read it first before dubbing it “classic.” However, I think I speak for most of us when I say we’ll be favorably inclined toward this comic if it at least finally starts coming out on time.

Alan Moore: Wild Worlds trade paperback, reprinting some of his work for the Wildstorm family of titles. So, what’s the printing screw-up going to be in this book? Moore seems to get his fair share of them (no copyright in the Captain Britain book, the typos on the cover of the V for Vendetta rerelease….)

Showcase Presents The War That Time Forgot trade paperback – you know, if there’s one thing DC Comics did better than anybody, it’s soldiers fighting dinosaurs. And here are 560 pages to prove it. Fantastic.

Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre – this isn’t related to the specific issues being solicited, but more of a general question: are these horror books selling for anybody? They’re slow movers at our shop, selling about the same low numbers as they did when Avatar was publishing them. (Now Marvel’s take on Nightmare on Elm Street, that was a good’un.)

In other news:

Bully the cute little stuffed bull isn’t done with 2006 quite yet, as he’s running down his Fun Fifty of last year. Parts one, two, and three are up now.

Tim O’Neil gives what-for to DC Comics’ 52 series.

This is from a couple weeks ago, but I can’t stop staring at this wall o’Lockjaws.

As already seen everywhere, but I’m posting it anyway: GET YOUR CIVIL WAR ON, borrowing the Get Your War On format to comment on Marvel’s latest event series. Well done and funny.

On a related note, someone’s redialogued pages from Civil War #6 to make them funny on purpose, rather than just accidentally funny like they were in the first place. The bits with the Punisher are the best part.

Here’s an amusing response to a newspaper’s editorial column:

“In your Jan. 4 editorial, you apologize for printing a comic strip that promoted violence. You should have looked more carefully at the comics you published that day; without exception, all were either objectionable or insensitive.


“Fat people are ridiculed in Dilbert and Beetle Baily; the torture of Iraqi war prisoners is trivialized in Doonesbury; though people around the world are starving, Dagwood’s mailman pours his cocoa into his boots; and an online dater in Close to Home shows an unhealthy interest in men’s underwear while at the same time she scorns her date for being short.


“…You will have to eliminate comic strips completely from your newspaper if you seriously want to avoid accusations of advocating destructive behavior and promoting offensiveness and insensitivity. Oh, and making people laugh.”

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