"Swamp Thing is a god. Man Thing is what his name says, a man."

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Okay, first off, how’d I miss this: “Swamp-Thing vs. Man-Thing.”

And let me get this out of the way: “Swamp Thing” does not have a hyphen in it (and please read that sentence aloud in your best Comic Book Guy voice for full effect).

Anyway, the debate is opened to that site’s readers, and here is an excerpt or two of what they had to say:

“My vote goes to Swamp-Thing.He can control plants,regenerate,super strength, asuume differnt shapes with his body parts such as extending limbs or extra apendages and turn into sludge. His only weakness is pollution which Man-Thing has no accsess to. So my vote goes to Swamp-Thing.”

“Swamp Thing calmly stares at Man-Thing, and the mindless being feels peace and a unity with all of Creation for the first time in its existence. It then goes back to its swamp, as happy as it can possibly get, having been briefly touched with the grace and favor of the nearest thing the DCU has to a God of Plants.”

“Swamp Thing is a god. Man Thing is what his name says, a man. Swampy is gonna pulverise him.”

“You know with two guys like Swamp and Man thing there is only one criteria babes! Swamp thing got Heather Locklear Man Thing got a skin condition that causes girls to burn if he touches them.”

And some people voted for Man-Thing, too, but clearly they’re mistaken.

So long as I’m wallowing in the pig-slop of my nerdiness…this theoretical fight is hosted on Electric Ferret, and one of the guys responsible for Alec Holland becoming Swamp Thing is named “Ferrett…?” COINCIDENCE?

Thanks to “Anonymous” for dropping the link in my comments section.

While I’m on the topic…hey, Gordon, regarding your request to see an image of Swamp Thing cuddling a kitten: while a pet kitten does join Swamp Thing, Abby, and Tefe in Swamp Thing #112, between that issue and the kitty’s demise at Tefe’s hands in #118, at no time does Swampy himself cuddle said cat. Well, at least not until it’s dead (or as good as), and I doubt that’s a pic you want to see. (For more context regarding this incident, this fella details events for this particular storyline.)

In other non-Swamp Thing news:

  • Amazing Fantasy #15 (first appearance of Spider-Man, don’cha know) spotted on background newsstand in ’60s TV show. (via)
  • As hard as it is to believe, there’s some weird-ass stuff going on in old Wonder Woman comics.
  • Neilalien lays into X-Men: First Class #4, dissecting it thoroughly.
  • Returns not diminished enough: “Halle Berry to Fox: ‘Bring On More X-Men films!'”

    “I want to thank Tom Rothman for allowing me to play Storm, and Brett Ratner for allowing Storm to finally use her cape and fly this year,’ said Halle Berry at yesterday’s People’s Choice Awards.

    “‘But I have something to ask you guys. You guys really love X-Men? Ok, here’s what you have to do. […] Write a letter to Tom Rothman at Fox and tell him so and you will get another one, and I’ll be there too.'”

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