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The inevitable Wikipedia entry on MODOK.

Another MODOK history, but with sound files from the character’s cartoon appearances!

Here’s a listing of MODOK’s appearances.

A little more detail on MODOK’s history with the Hulk can be found here.

And, from the same site, a small sampling of artists’ renditions of MODOK.

Coming later this year from Marvel is MODOK’s 11, and here’s some cover art.


Ludickid explains the appeal of MODOK. “He has incredibly mental powers and is an asshole.” Well said.

Jeff Parker presents the greatest Marvel cover for 2007.

This is a wonderful Marvel Original Production cel of Mandarin and Modok from the Episode Title ‘Data In, Chaos Out.’ Comes with Original Hand Painted background.”

The absolutely fantastic many moods of MODOK, as drawn by WadeFurlong.

And now: MODOK on a moped.

MODOK is no match for children…extra bonus drawing of MODOK by one of the children, which is really cool.

They’re Out of Stock, but you can see the covers for The Journal of MODOK Studies right here, and you can read a review at the bottom of this page.

Mental Organism Designed Only for Knitting.

The Sensual MODOK looks at the ladies.

MODOK is on ComicsSpace, natch, and has a link to a great gallery of original art which includes, among other pieces, MODOK versus Vampirella. (MODOK in underpants…NOOOOOOOO!!!!)

At the bottom of this page lurks the custom MODOK Mini-Mate.

Ask A Super-Villain: MODOK:”

“HJ: Would you tell us about your college band?

M: Depeche MODOK? Oh good lord. Do I have to?”

Flixens has a casting suggestion for a MODOK movie.

A few artists draw themselves as MODOK.

MODOK the Hutt, done as a commission.

Hoo’d win: MODOK or Chemo? With a follow-up post featuring a sample script of said confrontation.

Myspace MODOK “only listens to K.M.F.D.M […] We Both Named Acronyms!!!!!!!!” He would also like to meet Robot Nixon. Hey, me too!

Barbelith loves MODOK.

A Tribe page extolling the virtues of a MODOK presidency.

Here’s a review of Marvel Novel Series #6 – And Call My Killer…MODOK!, starring Iron Man and written by William Rotsler. – look at the page source for additional info.

Find a MODOK motivational print on this page, four down.

WARNING – SELF-LINK: Pal Dorian and I discuss the gratuitousness (or lack thereof) of MODOK.


Killer MODOK #1 mock-up cover can be found at Bob Layton’s site.

The MODOK Marvel Value Stamp (six down).

Either the worst parallel Earth ever, or the best: it’s Earth-MODOK-Had-An-Itch.

A look at the MODOK Marvel Battle Dice figure, and here’s the Heroclix fig.

The MODOK Gallery of Fine Art.

Once seen, it cannot be unseen: the MODOK Halloween costume!

Here’s the official ToyBiz page for the Marvel Legends Build-A-MODOK series (where, if you’re unfamiliar, each figure in the series comes with a piece of MODOK, which you can assemble into the complete figure). The page has a link to an image of MODOK, which, apparently, has 32 points of articulation, somehow.

Here’s an extended review of the Build-A-MODOK, and Chris Karath matches the figure with a background.

And here’s a look at the original MODOK action figure.

Giorgio Comolo presents MODOK versus Arnim Zola in one of the Greatest Images Ever. (Thanks David C!)


“…With the moral realignment challenge, I try to figure out how a superhero and a supervillain might appear in the comics with their morality reversed.” And here you go.

Scipio comes up with an unsettling love connection for MODOK.

MODOK makes the news.

Alas, the burden of the last name MODOK: “The most common hit on google for modok is a devilish cartoon figure. I would like to counteract this by creating a site where everybody can learn the attractive side of people carrying this surname.”

Dave’s Long Box takes a gander at MODOK’s female counterpart MODAM.

images from Captain America #313 (January 1986) by Mark Gruenwald, Paul Neary & Al Williamson

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