Every phone call today: "Yes, the new comics are out."

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For those of you who are still wondering about the Civil War west coast delay thing that I’m going to be explaining to our customers for the next week, Comic Book Resources gets the story from Diamond and Marvel. Bad weather is what did the deed, apparently.

One side effect of this situation is finding out the exact numbers some other retailers are ordering on Civil War, and seeing that, on average, it’s about half of what we’re ordering…and we’re nearly selling through on all copies. This comic may not be my cup of tea, and the domino-effect of delays it’s caused throughout Marvel’s publishing line is aggravating…but darned if the thing doesn’t sell well. Still could do without the irritation, though.

But at least the new All Star Superman should be out. All Star Superman makes everything better…soothes all pains, heals all wounds. God bless you, All Star Superman.

And now, the Spider-Man Play Shave Set:

“Discover good grooming habits wth [sic] the Spider-Man Superhero Play Shave Set and make bath time fun time…”

For some reason, I picture the Wolverine Play Shave Set just containing a big ol’ knife. And the Superman Play Shave Set would come with replica pieces of his exploded rocket ship from Krypton, so kids could pretend to reflect their “heat vision” off them to shave their imaginary invulnerable beards…okay, that went too far into nerdy-land, didn’t it?

Then again, three years into this site, it’s probably too late to start drawing the “too far” line.

Because I don’t have enough ways to waste time online, I now find myself with a Last.FM account. Friend me if you’d like, or even if you don’t. Come make fun of my musical tastes…I’m listening to Throbbing Gristle, streaming through Last.FM’s webplayer, even as I type this. Fantastic.

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