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So I got a whole five comics (or six…see #5) for myself this New Comics Day:

1. Nextwave: Agents of Hate #11 – Some people may complain about the series of six two-page spreads featuring the Nextwave team fighting various groups of threats. I am not one of those people. These is a lot of joy and silliness in those pages (Kev’s got a sample) that rewards re-reviewing and extensive contemplation.

This comic is worth a thousand Onslaught Reborns.

2. 52 #34 – Origin of Zatanna drawn by Brian Bolland. Fantastic. (Here’s another classic Zatanna by Bolland image, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about. And how could you not?)

3. Love & Rockets #18 – Gilbert namedrops my place of employment on page 21:

4. Justice #9 – I enjoy the series, mostly, though occasionally Alex Ross’ not-so-subtle “here’s what the DC Universe should be like!” undertones are a bit distracting. But I do like this cover.

5. Ah, the Gumby quandary. Now, the new Gumby comic by Flaming Carrot’s Bob Burden and Rick Geary is a thing of beauty and genius. People may try to do bizarre comics, but Bob Burden is bizarre comics, somehow made even more strange by trying to make this comic an all-ages adventure.

Now, the quandary is this: issue #2 of Gumby has, God help us, a variant cover drawn by Burden:

Which is odd and great, of course, but here’s Rick Geary’s cover for the “regular” edition:

…which features Golem Gumby, complete with the Hebrew word Emet on his head:

I may actually have to buy both the regular cover and the variant cover of a comic. They’ve finally found a way to make me do it. Yeah, I could just save the scan, but then I wouldn’t have my fetishized collectible object. Don’t judge me, you.

And here’s an image from Supergirl #13, which I didn’t buy, but I happened to flip through and saw this:

Um, yeah, okay.

Also, for whatever reason a number of DC Comics that made it to shops everywhere else didn’t get to several Southern California accounts. We were shorted over 2/3rds of our Justice order, and we received no copies of Justice League of America #5 (among others), which apparently has something in there I should see. We did receive about a dozen or so DCs, which is better than some stores which, apparently, only received two or three titles.

That’s okay, since Marvel made up for it by publishing about a thousand books this week. Remember when the period between Christmas and New Year’s was a dead week for comics?

In other news, pal Dorian has another of his inimitable end-of-year award wrap-ups. Well, it’ll be imitated a little, since I’ll be getting around to mine next Monday (hopefully) and, um, I’m going to have to find a way to say the same thing about Civil War without stepping on any toes, there.

You have to go see Dorian’s artwork, though.

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