It’s Christmas Eve, and this is the best I’ve got.

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What I bought Pal Dorian for Christmas.

What Pal Dorian got me for Christmas.

He also got me the Justice League Unlimited action figures for Elongated Man and Rocket Red, because Dor is tetched in the head. And because, as Dor says, these are two unloved characters and he figured if anyone would appreciate them, it’d be me.

And yes, we already opened the presents. We’re bad, bad people.

I spent a good chunk of Saturday reorganizing and cleaning up our t-shirt inventory, which I’d been successfully putting off doing for quite a while until I realized I couldn’t put it off any longer. Really, I think the last time anyone dealt with the shirts in this thorough a fashion it was…um, Dorian, when he still worked here. So, yeah, it had been a while.

Anyway, a few observations from that particular endeavor:

1. Apparently we thought Elektra shirts were going to sell far better than they actually did.

2. Hey, we still have a couple Reid Fleming, World’s Toughest Milkman shirts in stock! (Both in Large.)

3. We are actually out of Vertigo Sandman shirts. I never thought I’d see the day. We even got rid of that lame “it was good being your raven” shirt that makes absolutely no sense with that panel taken out of context.

4. Oh, dear God in heaven, we still have an Arnold Schwarzenegger as “Mr. Freeze” t-shirt (with “FREEZE!” emblazoned along the bottom of the image). Next time I ship something to, say, Kevin, I’m going to use it as packing material.

5. I think, at this point, Pokemon shirts may be a bit of a hard sell.

6. As I was straightening out the Batman shirts, I was remembering back to the time of the first Tim Burton Batman film, when we had a waiting list for Bat-shirts a mile long. Those were the days.

7. There sure are a lot of Golden Age Flash t-shirts.

8. Has there ever been a MODOK t-shirt? And if not, why not?

Also on Saturday, we had in the shop, at the same time, former employee Rachel (now a WizKids rep…look for the woman with the wild look in her eyes behind the WK table at a convention near you); Rachel’s replacement, the oft-mentioned pal Dorian; and current employee, and Dor’s replacement, Aaron. Three generations of coworkers, all simultaneously in my presence.

No, it didn’t make me feel old at all, why do you ask?

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