Found on the eBay.

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Okay, I’ve been lazy-posting…sorry, holiday stuff and all that. Expect more of the same on Sunday.

But during a slow point at the store on Friday, Employee Aaron was poking through the latest issue of Star Wars Insider, and pointed out the article on bootleg items within. Okay, the “LORD VADER” belt buckle was 100% fantastic, but what grabbed my eye was the sidebar on Star Wars fanzines. Yeah, the author of the article does note that fanzines don’t really qualify as “bootlegs,” but they are unofficial SW products, and hence their inclusion.

Anyway, that gave me the itch to see if I could find any period SW fanzines on the eBay. I did find a few (and it surprised me to see how many had page lengths numbering in the hundreds!), but I found this more recent ‘zine that I just had to share:


“The title of this multi-media fanzine is FOR THOSE WHO WAIT, was published in 2001 and is 164 pages long. It is a digest-sized fanzine and is both and gen and slash zine. If male/male or heterosexual relationship offends you, please do not bid. This is based on the events of September 11, 2001; these stories were written at various times in the hours, days and weeks following the tragedies, based upon information available at the time. Some stories contain facts and numbers which were later changed or modified.”

Oh, man, my brain is still trying to deal with this.

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