"Shiny hands…make Hulk feel funny…"

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And now, for no good reason I can adequately explain, here is every bit of the Hulk’s dialogue from Marvel Team-Up #105 (May 1981), featuring the Hulk and Power Man & Iron Fist in “A Small Circle of Hate!” by Mike W. Barr, Carmine Infantino, and Mike Esposito. Enjoy, won’t you?

“Men in planes always chase Hulk — never leave Hulk alone — Hulk will show them! Hulk will make them leave him alone — by smashing plane, so they can’t find Hulk!”

“Huh? Hulk thought plane carried soldiers — but plane carries Fist-man!”

“Hulk will smash Fist-man!”

“Huh? Fist-man tries to walk on Hulk?”

“You hit Hulk — now Hulk will hit you!”

“Shiny hands…make Hulk feel funny…”

“Man thinks he hurts Hulk? Hulk is here now — and Hulk will hurt him!”

“Hulk will smash you all!”

“Hulk is strongest one there is!”

“They want Hulk to chase them! Hulk is smarter than that! Hulk will take this rock — and make him come to Hulk!”

“First — man tries to jump on Hulk — Hulk will hit rock out from under you!”

“Leave Hulk alone! Hulk only wants to hurt man…but if you Hulk hurt you — he will!”

“Leave Hulk alone…or he will bury you!”

“You hit Hulk! Now Hulk will smash you!”

Rock?! Hulk hit rock!”

Water?! You tricked Hulk — you make Hulk look dumb! Now Hulk will kill you!”



“Now Hulk remembers! Man tried to hurt Hulk! Hulk will get him for that!”

“Soldiers! Soldiers come for Hulk!”

“Man hits little girl?! Hulk will smash man!”

“Yes — now Hulk will –“

Soldiers! Hulk forgot about them!”

Exeunt Hulk:

And there, just under the Hulk’s eyes…is that off-register coloring, or is it…the tears of the Hulk?

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