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Follow-up from yesterday, re: Roy Harper’s belt buckle: some commenters suggested that it may be a “C” and not a “G” (which leaves us with the same problem, just a different letter), or that it’s a botched “arrow” design and not a letter at all. Further investigation (a phrase that makes this sound a lot more important than it is) shows that the “G” design appeared on Michael Turner’s cover for Justice League of America #4, while on the Ed Benes cover for #1, he clearly has an “R” (for “Red Arrow”).

In addition, if one were to look at Turner’s drawings of Green Arrow from the covers for Identity Crisis, GA is wearing, more or less, the same belt design:

You know, if I expended this kind of effort on something important, I could be dangerous.

A few months back I mentioned in one of my “End of Civilization” posts an absolutely fantastic comic book gimmick: Jim’s Jerky, the latest installment in the 3 Geeks saga, being packaged with a piece of actual, edible beef jerky!

Alas, as it turned out this comic was solicited to retailers in quantity, not individually, so even though I love the 3 Geeks comics, they’ve never really sold enough for us to justify meeting the minimum order on Jim’s Jerky to get our copies through Diamond.

However, it is readily available for sale though the cartoonist Rich Koslowski’s website, which is how I obtained my copy. I paid for it through PayPal on the 7th, and received it on the 13th, securely wrapped in a manilla envelope with cardboard protection.

The comic itself is 4 3/4 inches square, 20 pages long and in full color. The piece of beef jerky itself is wrapped in cellophane and attached by a small bit of rubber cement to the front cover. My piece was about two inches long, and it looked like this:

And yes, as soon as I scanned it, I ate the jerky. It was a challenge to my teeth, but it was pretty tasty.

The comic itself is slight but fun, as we follow Jim’s efforts to obtain the necessary ingredients for his special jerky recipe. His fellow geeks Keith and Allen are roped into the jerky pursuit to varying degrees, and it’s all very silly and amusing. For only two bucks American (which includes shipping), you can get a good inexpensive sample of Koslowski’s 3 Geeks work, which is all available in one form or another through his store. (If you want to try more, I recommend this particular volume.)

Darn. Now I wish I had another piece of that jerky. That was good eatin’.

People are still putting their two cents’ worth into the Debate of the Century: Betty or Veronica? Join in…if you dare.

A reminder: I have an account on Comicspace, so please feel free to add me as Your Special Internet Friend there if you’d like. It’s interesting to watch the constant rush of “friend network” building as everybody zips around “friending” each other, prior to the actual functionality of the site (re: comic strip hosting and subscriptions) being activated.

If the art hosting functions the way I’m hopefully not incorrectly assuming, once I’m able I’m planning to upload some of my old mini-comics work for all to endure enjoy. Maybe that’ll finally give me the gumption to start my doodling again…we’ll see.

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