A quick new comics day update.

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I don’t know if anyone has covered this yet, so I apologize if I’m stepping on anyone’s toes, here. But Employees Josh and Aaron asked me about this, and I didn’t have an answer.

So, on the cover of this week’s Justice League of America (issue #4), drawn by Michael Turner:

…we see that former Green Arrow sidekick Roy Harper has what appears to be a “G” on his belt:

Roy has been called “Speedy,” “Arsenal,” and, in this issue, “Red Arrow” — all lacking in Gs. Maybe it’s an old belt he borrowed from his former mentor and dyed red for his own costume? Or perhaps we’re just reading too much into an oddly-shaped belt buckle that’s not supposed to represent a letter at all. But, you know, darn if it doesn’t look like a “G” to me.

Our order of the new issue of Ultimate X-Men was filled with the new issue of Magician Apprentice. I just about had a heart attack when I popped open the shipping box and out poured dozens upon dozens of copies of Magician Apprentice, a comic that normally sells in numbers that I can count on the fingers of one hand. At least it was distributor error, and not, um, order input error on our part, which is what I was fearing.

Not new comics, but fantastic: Cole has posted the greatest Phantom Stranger picture you will ever see. EVER.

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