So it’s come to this.

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So inspired by the comments section from yesterday’s post, I’m just going to throw it down, right here. It’s the age-old debate, one that comic fans have been arguing over for decades, and perhaps it’s a bit cliché (“a bit?”), but let’s settle it, here and now.

The debate topic in question:

Betty or Veronica?

Yes, I know there are other gals in Riverdale. Yes, I know even hosting this debate probably makes me at worst a sexist jerk, at best just lazy. But don’t blame the messenger, friends…this particular discussion was around long before I was born.

So I’m opening up the comments section for a healthy, reasoned symposium on this vital subject. Let’s get it all out in the open, baby…tell me what you think. Keep it friendly, keep it clean, keep it…um, well, as non-sad as you can manage, I suppose. (Too late, I know.)

Further research:

Wikipedia entries for Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge, in case you need to refresh your memories.

Previous debates/polls on the topic: Electric Ferret, Fanbolt, August Battiston (about 3/4 down the page),, Team Sugar.

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