Figures, me, and the Hulk.

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Chris Karath posts another batch of photos of his action figures, comparing different sculpts of the same characters, group shots of related characters, the assembled Marvel “build-a-figures,” and so on.

This one amuses me the most, featuring Green Lantern arch-nemesis Sinestro with a squad of Qwardian pantsless warriors:

The photos are much larger on Karath’s site, but I need a much larger version of that pic for computer wallpaper purposes.

It must be my week for being mentioned in podcasts, as Chris Sims mentioned me in his, and now my site’s been referenced in the podcast for the Star Trek fansite Look at His Butt. Yes, “Look at His Butt.” No, not my butt, God help you, but Kirk’s manly space-captain butt. Anyway, they briefly discuss the Starpool kinetic passengers they saw on my site (about six minutes or so into the show).

More about me: should I be worried that Gordon actually has a “mike sterling” tag for his posts?

Acquired at the shop: a copy of Incredible Hulk #6 from 1962, brought in by someone who found it at the parents’ home, just tucked away in storage. The amazing thing about this comic was its condition: a pretty solid Good to Very Good. It looks better than that sounds, as it still has nice cover gloss and mostly sharp edges, but with a couple small (maybe 1/4 inch) tears on the front cover.

Even so, “Good to Very Good” doesn’t sound like an amazing grade, I know, so let me give it some context. Pretty much every copy of the original six-issue Hulk run that we’ve ever had in the store has been in appalling condition. I mean, if it wasn’t for the fact that this was one of the scarcer Marvel titles from the period, we probably wouldn’t even have bothered buying them. Brittle paper, nearly no spine, covers plastered completely with tape, heavy tanning, insect damage, used as coasters…for some reason, these Hulk comics took much more abuse than any other Marvel books from that time.

And thus, getting a copy of Hulk #6 like this one, which didn’t feel like it was going to crumble like a really crumbly thing, is something like a miracle.

Okay, like a really, really minor and unimportant miracle, but still….

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