Red Tornado, Master Impressionist.

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From Fury of Firestorm #4 (Sept. ’82), Red Tornado disguises himself as Burt Reynolds (under the hopefully non-actionable pseudonym of “Curt Holland”) as part of a ruse to defeat Killer Frost:

No, really, it is Red Tornado:

And after the super-shenanigans are done with, Reddy has time to make with his Steve Martin impression:

…in front of former New York mayor Ed Koch, no less.

In other news:

Is there a more magical phrase in the English language than “a special tribute to Mike Sterling?” I submit to you, sir and/or ma’am, that there is not, and that very phrase appears in Chris Sims’ latest Invincible Super-Blog podcast. He discusses the infamous Swamp Thing supplement from the DC Heroes role playing game in honor of my recent anniversary (and comes to just about the same conclusion I did when I discussed the game way back when). Thanks, Chris, you velvet-piped troubadour, you.

Enough about me, here’s more about me: I now have a Comicspace account, because I need to be on another internet networking/blogging/whatever site, apparently. Well, honestly, I think I may find more use for this than I ever did for my Myspace account, which, um, I’m still not sure what to do with yet. And don’t get me started on my poor, neglected Vox site. Oy.

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