The Silver Surfer, summed up in four panels…

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…from Spidey Super Stories #45 (March 1980):

Special bonus panel:

One of the other stories in this comic revolves around a charity footrace disrupted by the Green Goblin, and I find myself strangely fascinated by this runner:

The “Queen of the Runners,” complete with crown…what’s her backstory? Is she just a champion runner that’s a tad full of herself, or is she an actual monarch of a country solely populated by marathon runners?

Alas, we’ll never know, as her only purpose in the story is to allow the Goblin to make a bad pun:

I suppose it’s possible that this was a character from the Electric Company TV show (which the Spidey Super Stories ties into, in case you didn’t know), but Google-fu reveals nothing.

“Dear Marvel: I believe that there is a character in your library that has been long neglected, and in desperate need of a revival….”

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