Hey, I’m with you on Swamp Thing.

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“If I ran DC…

“1) The Multiverse would be back. I still say that the complexity of the Multiverse was not a problem. The problem was that the writers at the time had fallen behind their marvel counterparts in their sophistication. With today’s writers and the great possibilities of the Multiverse it would be unbelievable. Well, somewhat.

“2) DC and Vertigo characters would interact. So much of the DC universe was lost when they seperated these two properties. I know that they would have to tame down the Vertigo guys when they were in the mainstream, but it would be worth it to see Swamp Thing and John Constantine in the real world again.

“3) The real LSH would be back. The original can never be replaced.

“4) Hal Jordan would still be dead. For obvious reasons.

“So if you ran DC what would you do?”

The “real world?” Anyway, here are a smattering of responses from the thread:

“Retcon away some of the bad stuff from Identity Crisis. Either that or fire Meltzer.”

“Make a decent JLA title.”

“Lower prices of comics.”

“Minimize the graphic violence and the over explicite sex scenes.”

“Have polls with fans every once in a while to know if fans are happy in general or not.”

“Wouldn’t allow Frank Miller to do any art (cover or interior)”

“Put Ed Benes on all books with Leading Female characters (BoP, Catwoman, SuperGirl, etc.)”

“I’d have Frank Miller write Superman and Jim Lee to draw it.I’d also have Brian Azzarello to write Batman and have Lee Berjemo draw it.I’d kill off Dick Grayson and keep Jason Todd dead.I’d split Superman and Lois Lane up…infact i might kill off Lois.I’d create a Batman book that was aimed at ‘Mature Readers’,i’d have it more violent,that kind of stuff,just a bit more adult.I’ll have a think about some other stuff…”

“…in my DC ,Hal Jordan would be very much alive and kicking butt like he is now.”

“…I would make all the titles come out on time!! I would have artists of similar styles assigned to a title until it got on schedule. For example, say Green Lantern, have Ivan Reis do an issue, while Alan Davis works on the next issue, and Neal Adams is working on a third issue, maybe Mike Grell working on a fourth while Ivan gets another issue or two under his belt and gets back on schedule.”

“Id take Morrison off Batman and put in Kurt Busiek.”

This person really didn’t like DC’s recent direction:

“Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka and Judd Winick would be fired off of all titles they’re currently writing.

“Then I would launch an event called ‘Hour Zero.’

“In issue one, Ralph Dibny wakes up to hear his wife singing in the shower. They go to a birthday party attended by Michael Jon ‘Booster’ Carter, (not evil) Skeets, Max Lord and the recently retired Ted Kord.

“The Teen Titans are also there, except for Impulse who is off doing something with Wally West. Troia and Lilith are helping in the kitchen.

“We find out that Superboy Prime tried to free himself and reset reality again, but all he managed to do was retcon himself and everything since Identity Crisis out of continuity with no hope of any of that stuff ever coming back.

“The next six issues would spell out the new status quo without anybody gratuitously dying or being replaced by somebody else the readers don’t care about.”

Hey, pal Dorian, he also has an idea for improving your favorite character:

“Wildcat would start using gadgets and body armor.”

That certainly shows an in-depth understanding of what makes Wildcat work.


“Conner Kent would find out that he never did have Luthor DNA and change his name to something that would keep DC from getting sued. He could be the new Gangbuster or something.”

“Newer modern villains would be used even after the writer who created the villain is no longer writing him”

“Comics would be cheaper”

“Feedback will be listened to”

“There would no more events with the word ‘crisis’ in the title. Ever again. Or a least as long as I was in charge.”

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