One of these things is not like the other.

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So here are three things I picked up for myself this week:

And yeah, I know, that one thing sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the other two items. For all my high falutin’ talk on this site about the comics medium, and the entertainment world in general, my lowbrow tastes will occasionally shine through. But, you know, I gotta be true to myself, and if that means willfully revealing that I read The Comics Journal, then so be it.

Oh, okay, silliness aside…the new Journal has a great interview with Johnny Ryan, a brief but interesting interview with Golden Age artist Lily Renee (including reprints of some of her stories, featuring Senorita Rio and “The Werewolf Hunter”), and the lavishly-illustrated, cover-featured interview with Joost Swarte which I haven’t read yet, but c’mon, it’s gonna be a good read, too.

The new Acme Novelty Library is, as usual, filmed in Depress-O-Vision, flawlessly cartooned and emotionally uncomfortable, and, as always, highly recommended. And the new Star Wars book is…well, it’s a Star Wars book. Don’t you judge me.

Other new books this week:

Batman/Spirit – I wasn’t planning on buying this, but, heck, I figure I’m going to be buying Darwyn Cooke’s forthcoming Spirit series, so I might as well pick this up, too. I know there was some trepidation regarding Jeph Loeb’s involvement in this one-shot, but, eh, any minor rough spots in the dialogue are easily ignored in favor of the gorgeous, gorgeous art.

Batman #659 – Cliché-fest, at least given my brief glance through the book. At any rate, I didn’t see anything in the comic that made me want to pick it up. I think I’ll be skipping this fill-in story until Grant Morrison returns.

Nextwave #10 – Warren Ellis makes Forbush-Man scary. There’s a sentence I thought I’d never type.

Talent #4 – Nicholas, the man possessed by a series of spirits killed in a plane crash only he survived, finds himself inhabited by the ghost of a hitman, tracking down another hitman who may hold the secret behind the crash. This series, as it has from the start, remains fast-paced and interesting, a fun exploration of a clever idea.

Onslaught: Reborn #1 – I already made my opinion known on this comic, here on the site, but I try to keep it to myself at the store. I took some grief from folks who wondered why we even bothered to carry it in the first place…imagine the shock in their faces when I told them that, hey, Liefeld sells comics. Well, Marvel comics, anyway. Usually. I hope.

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