Archie and Onslaught and the fugiting of tempus.

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Here’s another for the “this is a fetish for someone” file:

Oh, this is so not right.

At the store, I read through our preview copy of Onslaught Reborn, due this coming Wednesday. And all I can say is…why does Marvel Comics hate my eyes?

Okay, my smart-assery aside, Rob Liefeld does seem like a nice guy, and he was enough of a sport to make a video diary entry addressing his infamous Captain America pic. But all that congenial self-criticism over his own drawing doesn’t mean a darn thing when a glance through Onslaught Reborn shows that nothing has apparently been learned.

I don’t like saying this. I don’t like being yet another person piling on Rob Liefeld, but honestly, this comic is pretty rough going.

I will say two positive things, so I feel less like a jerk: one, this comic will probably sell relatively well, since Liefeld can still move Marvel publications — so, you know, what do I know; and two, the splash page made me laugh, as Liefeld and writer Jeph Loeb succinctly sum up the recent House of M/The 198 Big Event brouhaha with one big ‘n’ dopey full page drawing.

Mike (seeing customer he hasn’t seen in a while and has shopped at the store since childhood): “Oh, hey…good to see you again! So, visiting for the holidays? Are you going to school out of town now?”

Customer: “I am visiting for Thanksgiving, but I’ve been out of school for a couple years now.”

Mike: (drops dead of old age)

EDIT: In case you haven’t seen enough of Harvey Comics over the last week or so at this here site, please enjoy my contribution to Yet Another Comics Blog’s ongoing Monkey Covers shenanigans.

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