When you’re feeling lazy…it’s time for another visit to the DC Forums.

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“Giving Batman a superpower”

“Okay, here’s the drill: DC comes to you and says, ‘We’re giving Batman ONE superpower. No whining, it’s a done deal. He’s going to be a meta-human from now on. But it’s up to YOU to decide which power he gets. Choose.’ Which power should he have?”

“The power to read minds so he knows which criminals are guilty.”

“…Batman’s intelligence already is practically a superpower. He’s much smarter than is possible for any non-fictional real world person. His other superpower is his endless supply of money. Batman has already spent more money on his war on crime than Bill Gates will ever have over the course of his entire life.”

“He wouldn’t age. Not immortal — he could still be killed by gunshots, etc., but he wouldn’t age. Same thing Wonder Woman has going on.”

“I’d say f*ck you and your stupid ideas Didio. I’m gone.”

“Immortality. That way we can put an end to using BATMAN as an example of why the “Legacy” heroes don’t work.”

This one is my favorite:

“I have toyed with a story line where Prof. Strange transplants a metagene in Batman. When the gene activates, Bruce generates a glowing field of white light. It isn’t bright enough to really be useful, and it would be intanglable, offering no protection. It would set just above any covering, so he could never cover it up. Imagine the problems it would give him. He wouldn’t be able to be Batman or Bruce. This would put him on a quest for a ‘cure’ that would take him to Lex Luthor, STAR LABS, Dr. Midnite, etc. Eventually, he would be cured, but it would make for a fun story arc.”

“ATTN: any bloggers who have ongoing fights with eachother”

He means “message boarders” when he says “bloggers,” but you’ll get the idea:

“i havent been on these boards in a while, and while i love discussing comics and reading other fans opinions, all id found all night was people arguing with eachother all over these boards. under any topic about absolutely anything. basically i was already getting sick and tired of reading comments from guys who cant get laid for $h!t and are so ridiculed in their daily lives by there peers they vent frustrations at eachother from the safety of their own homes behind alias’s and their computer screens.
whether you like wally, barry, jay or bart, we all love comic books. they are fantacy stories…. who the hell cares about numbers and sales. you are all so boring. if you dont like a title, fine! if youd like, discuss, but do so in a civilized manner. clearly you all have tough times socializing that you spend so much energy attacking eachother here. some people just like to be miserable. clearly most of you do too, otherwise youd be blogging under forums for titles you DO enjoy.
its very sad that some people here are so chronically miserable that they have found a way to complain about a HOBBY! reading comic books isnt a job aand it isnt a responsibility. it is out collective hobby that we choose to spend our hard earned money on. if you all hate it so much, perhaps you should collect baseball cards or something instead.
please dont respond to this with arguments back to me explaining why im wrong and you, in your pimply faced virgin glory, are right. in case your retarded, im clearly not interested in reading your responses. if anyone agrees, feel free to holla back and we can discuss are love for comics in our own blogs elsewhere on these boards.”

“Batgirl is dumb”

“Batgirl is dumb”

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