Hey, Cully — there’s a link for you at the end.

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Site update: I finally got around to thumbnailing images from a number of the last week’s posts (except for yesterday’s…I’ll give it another day or two). Hopefully you folks on the dial-up will now be able to load my page without having to start a new hobby or finish reading Spenser’s The Faerie Queene while waiting for the images to come up.

But, really, if it’s available in your area, get yourself some of that broadband connectivity. It’s not that much more expensive, and you’ll be able to download porn surf the web a heck of a lot faster.

In other news:

  • I was planning on a post examining sales drop-offs on DC’s post-Infinite Crisis spin-off series, as I sort of had the feeling the series were experiencing some serious attrition. But, as I crunched the numbers, it looks like the drops were actually within expectations, generally 20-25% from the first to second issues across the board. The biggest dip I noticed was on 52, but again, not surprising, as that series is more of a commitment and thus easier for folks to decide to drop. 52 dropped by about 20% right away, and now has settled at a consistent 60% of the sales of that first issue.

    On the same topic…our Irredeemable Ant Man sales dropped by 2/3rds between the first and second issues. Ouch.

  • For no real good reason: an Internet Movie Database entry for an episode of Family Feud, featuring the cast of the ’60s Batman TV show versus the cast of Lost in Space. The actual entry has few details, but a commenting user relates his memories of the episode.
  • New comics weblog with a great name: Comics Make No Sense. No, they certainly don’t. Just what the heck is Dr. Fate doing, anyway?
  • Now I know this has been all over the comicsweblogosphere recently, and you all have seen it, but for some reason I received several e-mails over the last day or so sending me this link. So, once again, I’m posting this link solely for my pal Cully, as I’m the only comics weblog he reads. Hey, Cully: Jack Chick/Fantastic Four mash-up!

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