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GAH! Really, I should have known better than to sign up for Blogger Beta. Signing up for Beta anything is usually a bad idea…just ask Beta Flight. Dead (presumably), dead, dead, villain(s)…at least, that was the status of those characters last time I checked. I’m sure someone out there will set me straight.

Er, anyway, got off topic a bit there. What I’m trying to say is if you see any weird glitches on my site, like archive links that go nowhere, or permalinks that are on the fritz, please let me know. Stupid Blogger Beta.

I’m also planning on 1) changing the background and title banner on the site again, and 2) weeding some of the dead sites out of the sidebar. If you own a site in the sidebar, and you haven’t updated in, say, about six months, but you plan to start doing so again Any Day Now, drop me a line and I’ll leave the link up.

A couple brief comic news snippets:

  • “Snyder Says No Sequels for Watchmen – yeah, I wasn’t exactly holding my breath for the first movie actually getting made, much less Watchmen II: Rorschach’s Revenge.
  • Film studio apparently hasn’t seen Ghost Rider trailer, signs Nicolas Cage to another comic book movie.
  • And I know most of you have seen it already, but…it’s the Simpsons trailer! I wonder if there’s any implied commentary in Homer’s ultimate fate in the trailer vis-a-vis fan expectations for this film (i.e. where the cartoon’s creators will find themselves stuck)? Or maybe I’m just reading too much into it.

I don’t have any info on this beyond what it says at the YouTube link (“this is the arabic opening of batman”), but darn if that’s not a catchy theme song…if perhaps not exactly going along with the intent of the animators:

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