In which Mike is just a little mean.

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  • Heard at the store – Mom: “Hey, look at this comic, Franklin Richards…this looks funny!” Kid (takes quick flip through book): “Nah, this is just a rip-off of Calvin & Hobbes.”
  • The specific increment of time between the weblog posting of a negative review of a comic and the appearance of that comic’s creator (or an overly-defensive fan, or just an outright “sock puppet“) in that particular post’s comment section may be referred to as “a Tokyopop.” (See also Chris’ opening statement in his latest review.)
  • The likelihood of our ability to purchase a comic collection from someone not immersed in the hobby decreases by, say, about 50% if that person owns a price guide that he or she clearly doesn’t know how to use. Our offer of anything less than the top mint price for any particular book, regardless of its condition, is an obvious attempt to rip people off, you see.
  • Is there a term for going through the blocked-bidder list in your account on the eBay, and checking the current feedback and/or status of the bidders in that list, and being very satisfied that the majority of them are no longer registered eBay members? I mean, a term aside from “being a smug jerk?”
  • Conversations I do not want to have any more: Person on phone asks for list of what came out this week. I run down the list of most of the new major arrivals. Person on phone then asks “Actually, I’m just wondering if Wolverine came out. Did it?” NOTE TO SELF: Ask if there’s anything they’re specifically looking for first.
  • On a related note: kid and (presumably) his mom who call every day asking about the Alex Ross Justice line of action figures, asking which ones we have, then telling us they’re just looking for the Superman figure. DON’T CIRCLE AROUND THE QUESTION, JUST ASK IT.
  • The more I look at this article that I linked to the other day, the more dumb it seems to get. Okay, yay, “did you know that like pretty much every other entertainment form on the planet, there are comics for kids and comics for adults,” that’s a message that still needs to get out there. But…man, this article needs some editorial interference, stat!
  • No, you can’t leave your wallet with us as collateral so you can borrow one of our books and go make photocopies out of it. “You lose…good day, sir!”
  • Dear creator: I like how, in the promo material you sent to us, you go out of your way to assure us that your comic, starring an HIV-positive character, doesn’t address the topic of sexual identity. Of course it doesn’t, otherwise your publisher, who has publicly stated that he doesn’t like “the gays,” wouldn’t touch it. DUH.
  • I was this close to saying something really nasty about National Novel Writing Month, but too many people I actually like are doing it, so I’ll just keep it to myself. It was really mean, though. I’m a bad man.
  • Something pal Dorian brought up regarding the return of Peter Parker’s clone Ben Reilly – ah, so that’s how they’re going to get out of the “Peter’s revealed his ID as Spidey” thing! (Well, you know, it’s possible….)
  • Spider-Man 3 trailer – I’m seeing lessons not learned from the latter films of the ’80s-’90s Batman franchise.

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