"ppl who classify ppl by their hobbies wat they like/ dnt like doin are saddos!"

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From Yahoo! Answers: “Is reading comic books a geeky thing to do?”

“no they’re feckin great!! Batman rules!”

“Probably, even though I do it myself. I think it’ll always be viewed as geeky by society at large.”


“Who cares? If you enjoy them, read them! I know people are getting into graphic novels now, too.”

“Well what ever tickles your fancy…..my son does but he’s only 7”

“I like romance novels and I’m sure people think that’s geeky, too. But, you know what? They can alll bite me because I enjoy them. Read your comic books if you like them and tell everyone who gives your crap about it to p*ss off!!”

“yes it is kind of Geeky but i think geeky is Sexy !!! “

“depends on how old u are !”

“kind of. it seems that geeky things are becoming more popular though. i also consider (chronic) video game playing to be geeky.”

“no i read comics all the time. […] i actually started a collection when i was 15 a couple yrs ago becuz im in love with the things.”

“Not any more Geeky then reading a book or magazine. Some of the best story’s i have read have been Graphic Novels! People who claim it is Geeky probably don’t like to read or have never bothered to find a Comic that they can enjoy.”

“if someone enjoys to read comic books thats fine, dont worry about what anyone else things…if you like it -do it :) ! some people even class reading a book full stop as geeky ! oh well their loss!”

“Comic books has evolved as a popular medium for everyone to read. Step into any book store and odds are you’ll find graphic novels and manga have it’s own section. Reading expands the mind in terms of vocabulary as well as one of the cheapest ways to escape from reality. For those who think reading comic books is a ‘geeky thing’ cease to amaze how many close minded people are still out there. Read on true believers. ‘Nuff Said.”

AND NE1 who judges u is stupid!
for example, seth i.e. adam brody’s character reads comics he is an addict he has a comic book club n everything! and he is SUPER CUTE and he gets summer!! (aww)
readin comic books isnt ‘geeky’ or ‘nerdy’ – ppl who classify ppl by their hobbies wat they like/ dnt like doin are saddos!”

“i love the sin city series, y:the last man, preacher, hellblazer, and more, and i’m totally rad and hip.”

“Can’t stand all airy fairy poncy ‘be who you want to be’ answers. Of course its Geeky. More than Geeky. A word of advice, bin the comics, get a girlfriend (or boyfriend if that is your thing) and get down the footy or the pub with your mates. Do it now ’cause if you keep reading comics you wont have any mates left.”

“If you enjoy reading comics, that’s your choice, it’s your preference. We are all allowed to have our own preferences, as long as they don’t harm ourselves or our environment and have negative influences. Besides, there are lots of genres and types of comics. Don’t forget about the people who read hentai manga/porn comics. They are not considered ‘geeks’, are they now? No, on the contrary, they seem to be highly appreciated by teens….”


“In conclusion, reading comics is not a geeky thing to do… (the idea actually makes me laugh). But it may be a childish thing to do if you are an adult (or even a teen) and you’re discarding all responsabilities and dedicating your whole time to this hobby. Geeky, no, childish, yes, but only in those conditions.”

“hell no!! the punisher rules!”

“I still marvel that there are people out there who can produce work of such a high standard on a monthly basis. Most of all, I think it’s our society’s equivalent of myth. Heroes and villains with great powers; the age old battle of good and evil. Are the stories of the gods of ancient Greece or India, say, so different? Seems like the same stories with different names.”

“Personaly no matter what sort of hobby a person does there will always be another who will think its strange or ‘geeky’.”

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