"Soon though, came the comic book, starting up with old classics like Superman and Batman…."

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“Good or Evil? Comic Books and Their Influence on Kids”

Warning: random capitalization, questionable apostrophe usage, poor spelling, and just plain bad writing ahead:

“Comic books gained early popularity in 1930’s. Originally, Comics were funny squibs in the paper, intended for the whole family’s enjoyment. Soon though, came the comic book, starting up with old classics like Superman and Batman, targeted in particular for younger people. This trend continues even today, and those old classics have grown, had many offshoots, and even been made into movies.

“The comic book’s first step up from book was to Television. Cartoon’s made from Comic books became popular in the 1970’s-1980’s, such as X-Men, SpiderMan, and Batman. These cartoons were fun for all ages, and became classics instantly.

“The next step came when D.C. took the leap, and made one of it’s most popular characters into a movie on the silver screen. Superman was only a pioneer in this case, eventually having four movies to his name, and a wealth of fans. Batman came out in 1989, and the idea immediately latched on, spurring the creation of Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, and in 2005, Batman Begins.

“The idea of turning comic books into movies was picked up by Marvel in the late 1990’s, and they countered D.C. with a multitude of block busters like SpiderMan, X-Men, The Incredible Hulk and Dardevil. Action figures, stuffed toys, coloring books, full length novels, and other merchandise were then added to the tally of things touched by comic books.

“The next question is though, is it for you?

“Comic books have their place, for a certainty. They are easy reading, and fun reading. The characters and plots are memerable, and the illustrations are unforgettable.

“How much though, is too far?

“In some comics, the violence and blatant sexual advances rival that of infamous video games like Grand Theft Auto and the Resident Evil series. Some persue practices or customs that are tied to the occult, whereas others dabble in matters of society, like homosexuality, and drug abuse.

“The real question is, who do you want teaching your kids about those things, you or the comic book?

“True, not all comic books are bad, and some are quite benefitial, but constant vigilance is necessary to keep your kids from being expossed to these things.

“Another common problem is this: Kids don’t recognize the amount of imagination [make believe] in comics. Some become so involved with the ideas that they forget that crime fighting is a job for the police, and that death is permanent.

“Why not talk to your kids about it? Making sure they understand that imitating what they see in comic books is not a good idea is the first step in keeping it ‘good, honest fun.’

“Comic books, and indeed, books and movies of all kinds, are intended to be fun, family enjoyment. Keeping in mind these few points, can help you keep it that way.


If that’s too much to read, there’s a convenient “Takeaways” section which summarizes the important points:

“Comic books have been around since the 1930’s.

“Some comic books are not suitable for children.

“Make sure your kids understand ‘pretend’ and ‘real’.”

Some amazing trivia is related as well:

“Did you know? Comic books used to be known as ‘comic strips,’ because of their shape.”

I hope you all found this as “benefitial” as I did.

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