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HOW TO VIOLATE THE LAWS OF PHYSICS: Buy the new Dilbert book and the new Zippy the Pinhead book at the same time. It’s…it’s unnatural.

Yeah, so I like Dilbert…wanna fight about it?

I SHOULD PROBABLY TAKE THIS AS A SIGN: I hadn’t read the last couple issues of JLA Classified, and thus it is the latest victim in my ongoing quest to thin the pull list a tad.

HOLY CATS, IT’S HUGE: I have now seen Fantagraphics Popeye book, and for some reason I was picturing something similar to their Peanuts volumes. But, no, this is a large-sized hardcover, complete with a die-cut hole in the front. I haven’t bought it yet…I’m supposed to be receiving a gift copy of this item, but, boy howdy, I’m gonna have a hard time resisting this book. It’s downright stunning.

FANTAGRAPHICS WANTS MORE OF MY MONEY: In addition to the Popeye and Zippy books already mentioned, there’s a new Kim Deitch book (Shadowland, reprinting previous comics I mostly already own but with enough material I don’t have which will justify th…oh, right, I already own all the other Deitch books, of course I’m gonna get this one, too) and Luba by Gilbert Hernandez, which includes several previously unpublished short pieces.

THAT’S AN AWFUL LOT OF MASTURBATION: So, Joe Matt’s Peep Show #14 finally made it out…I just read a comic, which was very behind schedule, about a cartoonist whose book is really behind schedule due to his porn addition getting in the way. It’s a comic about the delays in production of this comic. IT’S FREAKING ME OUT MAN.

“DYING ON THE STANDS,” YOU MEAN: CSI: Dying in the Gutters #4 came out, and based on sales on the first issue or two, we’ve slashed orders on this thing. I mean, it’s not just us, is it?

“NOT THE JEDI! NOT THE JEDI:” That headline is a reference to the TV show Dinosaurs! where the baby dinosaur repeatedly hit the daddy dinosaur on the head while chanting “Not the momma!” That was my joke in reference to the dinosaur aliens prominently featured in the new Star Wars: Dark Times #1 that came out this week. Employee Aaron’s joke was “Star Wars: Dinotopia.” EDGE: AARON.

I THINK I MAY ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS: We sold through all our copies of the Secret War trade paperback in the first day. I wonder if sitting and reading all these chapters in a short period of time (rather than spacing out the five issues over the better part of two years) improves the reading experience of the series.

NOT ENTIRELY APPROPRIATE: Now as funny as the very idea of a Punisher: Very Special Holiday trade paperback is, collecting Christmas stories starring our favorite mass-murdering crazed vigilante, it pales, pales, in comparison to the Punisher: Back to School Special series. Wha-huh?

“…EXCEPT NOT REALLY:” So the reprint of Civil War #3 has a big blurb on the cover reading “THE RETURN OF THOR,” which I suppose reads better than “YEAH, YOU THINK IT’S COOL NOW, BUT WAIT ‘TIL YOU READ THE NEXT ISSUE, CHUMP.”

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