I don’t care how tough you think you are…

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…you’re not as tough as this opening bit from a story in Danger #8 (March 1954):

Alas, the rest of the tale doesn’t quite measure up…mostly it’s Duke running around, disguising himself as Russian guards and stabbing people, which isn’t as exciting as it sounds. However, during his stabbing spree, he does end up shanking a particular person of note, as detailed in the story’s last panel:

Yeah…as in “Josef.” Holy crap.

And now, another visit with Sir Links-A-Lot:

Spotted on this Comics Journal message board thread that there’s a Print-on-Demand collection of Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein…in black and white, and just the horror stuff. Stolen from that discussion thread are links to some online Frankenstein comics by Briefer: three of the “funny era” stories (1 2 3) and an issue from the “horror era.”

More free comics: Glyph Jockey has a complete issue of Little Lulu. If you like it, remember that Dark Horse is currently reprinting the series.

Bully took it upon himself to convert a sound effect from of the panels I posted on Monday to make it a little more politically correct.

Dave is having a contest to give away a copy of Teaching Baby Paranoia. You’ve got ’til the 20th to enter, so get crackin’, slackers.

Laura is reading, and commenting upon, all the Aquaman comics, in chronological order. Good Lord a’mighty. Starting with Aquaman’s first appearance in More Fun #73, Laura has, as I write this, gone on to cover #74, #75, #76, #77, #78, and #79. Perhaps someday I’ll steal borrow this idea for the Swamp Thing comics.

Chris Karath compares and contrasts the Batman, Batgirl, Superman and Clark Kent action figures from the DC Superhero line with their DC Direct counterparts.

Pal Tom is trying to get onto a game show, and it looks like he’s got a pretty good shot at it. Here are parts one and two of his escapades.

Here, have another panel from Danger #8…”Nils” is the fella who is decidedly not rescuing this poor sap from the shark:

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