"…Comic stores have become little more than gateways into pornography and graphic violence."

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Here’s a little something I found while Googling around the other day. It’s a few years old, so it may have been discussed out there in comic book internet land already, but even so, I thought I’d shine a light on it anyway.

“Many parents are unaware of how bad comic books have become. Some drop their children off at comic stores, thinking that the kids are taking the easy route into reading that they themselves enjoyed as children. But comic stores have become little more than gateways into pornography and graphic violence.

“It used to be that you found a few bad comics amid the adventure stories and tales of superheroes. Now, the decent comics are difficult to find. Most of the titles are bizarre, with some being openly pornographic, such as Purgatori, Bettie Page and Lady Death. They are chockfull of nudity, homosexuality, violence, and demonic portrayals. Some openly attack religions and religious believers, particularly Christians. Many also have foul language, with repeated use of the F-word.”


“A few good comic books remain that are consistently imaginative and nonexploitative. The Archie series is a good example. Archie comics have become the top-selling comic books in America. This is partly because of their quality and wholesome consistency. But they are also a dominant market force because there are few competitors. Disney and Marvel also put out quality comic books for the most part.

“But most comics publishers seem to have lost any concern they ever had for the effects of their product on impressionable young minds. The head of DC comics, which publishes some good comics but also now routinely features sex, violence, foul language and even anti-Christian themes in some of its products, said in an interview that she wanted to push the envelope as far as possible.”


“The Federal Trade Commission recently issued a report accusing the music industry of aggressively marketing adult material to children. It’s time for them to look into the comic book industry’s deceptive and seductive marketing. Congress can hold hearings to shine a light on the dark corners of the comics world. Meanwhile, law enforcement authorities don’t have to wait. They can prosecute people who would exploit children. Merchants who sell smut to children should be put behind bars, where they can encounter first-hand some of the tender, loving behavior inspired by their products.”

For a dissenting opinion: the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

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