"Comic books and soap operas DO NOT MIX"

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So I guess I’ve decided to celebrate my new, expanded bandwidth by posting a boatload of pictures this week. For you folks on dial-up, I apologize…I know what that’s like, so I’ll try to ease up a bit.

So, in the news:

It’s been going around again that Jack Black will not be Green Lantern, according to that video interview which will automatically start playing if you click on that link, so watch out, you. Apparently the last time he said he wasn’t doing it didn’t stick. And, again, that’s too bad…I know it’s the unpopular opinion, but I would have liked to have seen it. It could have been a good larf. Besides, some people are just so gosh-darned antsy about their superheroes being “properly treated with respect,” so nit-picky about every detail, that a full-on superhero comedy featuring one of the “world’s greatest superheroes” (that most of the general public had never heard of, aside from this cartoon) would have either forced them to just unclench a bit, man, or would have just plain broken their will altogether.

Let’s see…I like the idea of Black as GL, I enjoy All-Star Batman…why do you people even look at my website? Clearly I’m a bad person.

In other news:

Okay, I haven’t mentioned the whole Marvel Comics crossover with the Guiding Light soap opera, but…um, not that TV soap operas are paragons of realism, but isn’t making one of the characters into a superhero, with actual super-powers, kinda pushing the boundaries just a bit?

I took to the soap opera message boards to see the reaction:

From Soap Opera Network – “Are they really doing this?”

“Now, please tell me the oldest soap in Daytime is not going to have a superhero on their show. What is the deal with this storyline and what do GL fans think about it?”

“I just can’t believe this is happening. I’m stupified right now.”

“They have to be smoking crack to come up with an idea as crazy as this.”

“I have a feeling this is a fantasy episode as seen through the eyes of Harley’s kids. Kind of a ‘Super-mom’ episode… at least that’s what I hope. If it’s anything meant to be taken seriously, CBS is getting one PO’d e-mail from me.”

“Get off the back of GL for thinking outside the box like every other show does. They are doing what they need to do and special episodes are fun for fans and for the actors themselves.”

“Supernatural stories have been poorly received on every soap except those specializing in them (Dark Shadows, Port Charles). Why a traditional soap like GL would do this is beyond me.”

“I understand that comics are serial type reading, but that does not mean they should have a place on the oldest soap around. Passions, perhaps but not my GUIDING LIGHT.”

“Comic books and soap operas DO NOT MIX This stupid crossover will only make people switch the channel or stop watching”

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