You might want to skip the bit about Mickey Mouse.

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I don’t mean to harp on this from yesterday’s post, but, honestly:

Marvel perfumes? Good Lord A’mighty.

From new funnybook day:

That’s Howard the Duck from the cover of Marvel’s Civil War: Choosing Sides one-shot. Y’know, if there actually were a humanoid duck like Howard in the real world, it would probably look just this creepy.

FAVORITE BOOK OF THE WEEK: the Abraxas and the Earthman trade paperback by Rick Veitch. I have been waiting for a collection of this series for twenty years, since reading it in serialized form way back when in Epic Illustrated. It’s weird, it’s touching, it’s grotesque, it’s beautiful, it’s funny, it’s horrifying, it’s disgusting, it’s spiritual, but mostly it’s just wonderous. And odd. And…ah, hell, it’s just great. It’s the comic that made me a lifelong fan of Veitch, guaranteeing that I’ll always check out anything he has a hand in. I’m terrible at giving any kind of insightful review, but let me point you to this preview of the first chapter, as well as to pal Ian’s old review (which, when it was written, no collection was in the works, so Ian suggests using Bittorrent…don’t do it, you cheap bastards, it’s only $16.95).

Tag #2 – the second installment of Keith Giffen and Kody Chamberlain’s clever zombie series is finally out, as we learn some of the back story behind the person behind the “blog” explaining the “tag, you’re a zombie” game. One of the things I enjoy about this series is that the internet aspect of story feels natural, like it’s written by someone who may actually have used the internet once or twice, as opposed to just sprinkling in some buzzwords that the writer may have heard on TV. The story doesn’t go too far, beyond learning the background material, but remains compelling and creepy. (By the way, don’t read the Diamond Previews solicitation information for the next Tag series if you want to avoid possible spoilers.)

Nextwave #9 – Features the intro of quite possibly the last group of heroes into Marvel continuity (or, rather, what passes for Marvel continuity in this title) that you’d expect, and ends with a great sequence that not only pokes fun at a famous sequence from The Ultimates, but is also a pointed commentary on some current American attitudes. Yeah, I know, that’s all vague, but I don’t want to be Mr. Spoilypants.

Seven Soldiers of Victory #1 – Yeah, I think I’m gonna need to read that again. It’s like Grant Morrison tried to pour his brain into my brain through my eyeballs, and some of it didn’t quite make it in there. ‘Course, I was on medication at the time…which probably wasn’t a good idea, since I could very easily have ended up like Ian. Anyway, it’s good funnybookin’, but requires more absorption.

Random conversations from work:

A discussion of Turok: Son of Stone brought us to Tuvok: Son of Stone (“Captain, the poisoned arrows appear to have no affect on the honker”) and Tupac: Son of Stone (“We gotta put a cap in that honker’s ass”).

A discussion of the Super Pets brought me to the point of creating Carmine, the Super Aardvark, whose arch-nemeses were the pet ants from the Phantom Zone Villains’ ant farms.

A discussion of DC/Wildstorm’s acquisition of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre license brought us to the possibility of Disney someday acquiring the license, and the inevitable Leatherface Meets Mickey Mouse:

“Oh, ha ha, you’re a big fella! What’s that you’re holding?”


“Ah, God, my ears! The blood, the blood! No, kill Minnie, take her, not me, not me!”

In an odd sort of way, this is absolute genius:

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