The revenge of Sir Links-a-lot.

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Batfatty shows us a vintage Marvel ad from a college magazine. “The growing Marvel hysteria threatens to overrun the nation.”

Pal Dorian has a great anti-Green Arrow “fan” letter, as well as that hot new game that’s sweeping the nation: Gay Porn, Country Singer, Pro Wrestler?

Pal Tom runs down some of the TV season’s new offerings.

Happy Fourth Anniversary to both Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog and Johnny Bacardi!

“It’s that nimble robber…the Flipper!” over at Blockade Boy’s weblog.

I like Jim’s review of the latest 52 over at Double Articulation.

Tom Foss at the Fortress of Soliloquy goes over some search terms that brought folks to his site, with some interesting, and funny, commentary. (Where does Superman keep his boots?)

Chipped Ham Productions reviews The Prestige, a flick of interest to fans of funnybook movies.

Bully is two-faced.

AAIIIEEEE! Giant shoe!

Jon at Facedown in the Gutters braves some old episodes of Superfriends. And yes, they’re just as awful as you remember.

I’ve always wondered why anyone ever thought the Mandrill was a good idea for a supervillain…until I saw this panel over at ChaosMonkey’s virtual pad, and suddenly all was clear.

Thought Balloon has love for the original Marvel Universe series.

Brandon gives us a Reader’s Digest version of a classic EC Comics horror tale.

Spencer at Of Course, Yeah contemplates the fate of Mark Bagley, who’s departing his near record-breaking run on Ultimate Spider-Man.

Polite Scott looks back at Tenzil Kem’s All-Star Rebuild the Earth Benefit Concert.

Booksteve has Vincent Price books, just in time for Halloween.

“Lefty” Brown ponders Green Lantern.

Also on the topic of Green Lantern…High Velocity Super Disco has gathered together some GL YouTube videos.

What does Chris Karath have? Why, he has Green Lantern-themed snack food, that’s what he has.

Tim O’Neil continues his essay series “The Fate of the Critic,” including a review of Eddie Campbell’s The Fate of the Artist.

Not much to do with comics, but I love old time radio, and so does Milo George.

See here for some context.

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