Wazoos, spoilers, firsts, and Joao.

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So, as mentioned yesterday, I upgraded the webhosting plan for this here website. I now have bandwidth to burn, baby. What does that mean to you, the end user? Bigger images, higher quality images, maybe the occasional MP3 download, and PORN, PORN, and MORE PORN. Well, okay, not so much porn, maybe — I don’t want to step on pal Dorian‘s toes — but, for the time being at least, I don’t need to worry about getting charged up the wazoo for bandwidth fees.

That doesn’t mean you can hotlink my images, though. Look: Photobucket! Flickr! Imageshack! All image hosts, all free (or have basic free accounts)! Please use one of those instead of hotlinking my images.

SPOILER FOR LAST WEEK’S LOST: So, what, now Desmond is Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen?

A customer asked me at the shop yesterday which comic is actually considered to be Hellboy’s first appearance: is it San Diego Comic Con Comics #2 (1993) or is it Next Men #21 (December 1993)? Well, just on the face of it, it seems the Comic Con book would be the actual first appearance, since presumably it was distributed during that summer’s San Diego con. However, both comics are noted as being Hellboy’s debut in the Overstreet Price Guide. Thanks for clearing that up, Overstreet!

And now, a series of panels that made me laugh for no good reason:

from Flying Saucers #5 (October 1969)

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