Here’s hoping nobody’s already discussed the Runaways thing.

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Here’s an interesting glitch: one of my regular readers sent an e-mail asking if I knew what was up with the loose arrow on the cover of this week’s Runaways #21 (visible on the truck’s grill):

It does seem a little out of place, and my initial thought was that it was a computer mouse arrow, accidentally captured in the image somehow. But, closer inspection reveals that it’s actually the arrow from the top of the “R” in the logo:

Here’s what it’s supposed to look like, as seen on a previous issue:

Clearly the impact of the truck knocked the arrow loose.

What Were They Thinking: Monster Mash-Up is the latest installment of Boom! Studios’ “redialoguing classic comics” series, and it’s funny as always…if you liked the previous issues, here’s more of it! Standing out, though, are a couple contributions from that guy Kevin Church, who plays with the format of the series a bit. One story written as a Creature from the Black Lagoon-type’s online emo-journal, and another short strip where…well, I hesitate to give away the joke. It’s the one with the “Astro Alien Dog” in the “Space-year 1998” – Church makes it into a very self-referential gag about the nature of the What Were They Thinking series, and it’s very funny.

The bastard.

Just in case you didn’t get enough Nancy last week (and how can anyone ever get enough Nancy?), Glyph Jockey has posted an entire Nancy and Sluggo comic (Comics on Parade #93, 1954) starting right here.

I know it’s been posted everywhere already, but my pal Cully hadn’t seen this yet, so I’m putting the link up just for him: hey, Cully, EVERYONE’S MODOK.

This is going to be the best-selling issue of any Marvel Adventures title ever.

Okay, for about 30 seconds, it’s just strangely creepy…and then, suddenly, it gets worse:

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