The return of Sir Links-a-Lot.

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Bow before the return of BATFATTY and his Bat folk-art.

Pal Ian ponders reader resistance to manga, and the lack of manga in used book stores.

The last thing Kid Chris posted was a Dora the Explorer belt buckle. You know, the Kid has an unusual belt buckle or two himself…er, not that I make a habit of studying his belt buckles, you understand. Um, moving along….

I think something terrible has happened to former employee Nathan. Last post: August 23. If you see this man, please mail him back to us.

Pal Tom sees that the producers of the Heroes TV show have trouble with numbers. You know, I finally saw an episode of Heroes and…eh, not bad. I want to see more of that Hiro fella.

Pal Dorian posts beefcake pics of Wildcat. TRY TO CONTAIN YOUR SHOCK.

Captain Corey and pal Sean: currently resting.


Hey, you know the mighty Chris Butcher has changed domains recently, right? Anyway, he looks at a Tokyopop ad-mail that was sent to funnybook stores recently…hey, Chris, I thought the Ally McBeal reference seemed a little odd to me, too, when I got that e-mail. “Great for fans of Ally McBeal!” So, no one, then?

Fortress of Fortitude says Bouncing Boy is cool. (For you readers new to my site, I had a question about Bouncing Boy’s powers that you might enjoy.)

Have you been reading Tim O’Neil’s “The Fate of the Critic?” You really should be: parts one, two, and three are up so far.

Kalinara ponders Christianity in comics, and whether it is really underrepresented.

The first appearance of Wildfire of the Legion of Super-Heroes is dissected over at Ye Olde Comick Booke Blogge.

I always enjoy it when Chris Karath takes pictures of his action figures.

Daniel85 finds that Power Pack panels are especially creepy when taken out of context.

Tangognat offers up some manga recommendations.

Thought Balloon looks at Justice League of America #185 and the bad-assery of Big Barda.

The fate of the Thunderbolts comic (one of my favorite Marvel books, as I’ve noted before) is pondered over at Nobody Laughs at Mister Fish.

Bill examines some of the new TV season’s offerings…hey, he likes Hiro, too!

H posts his Sad Sack tribute, and Mag reminds us that it’s the Comic Treadmill’s third anniversary! Huzzah!

‘Tis the season for Halloween costumes, and Booksteve wants to show you some of his.

I love Eliza humor.

Daredevil is what?

See here for more of Amanda Waller’s missions.

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