"You’re kinda super yourself! …In a teenagey sort of way!"

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So, in Betty #6 (June 1993), Betty had passed a note to Archie during class, and Archie, apparently unable to do anything on the sly, got caught with the note by the teacher, the ever-present Miss Grundy. Thus, Archie is kept after school for detention, while Betty, practicing outside for a forthcoming gymnastics competition, feels guilty for letting Arch take the rap.

Desperate to tell Archie she’s sorry, Betty comes up with a cunning plan: she moves a trampoline to just below Miss Grundy’s second story window and, after preparing a few handwritten signs, puts her plan into action:

Archie, having the memory of a goldfish, forgives her immediately, and writes his own sign in response: “I THINK YOU’RE SUPER!” He flashes the sign at the window during Betty’s next bounce, but it’s then Miss Grundy decides to look up from her desk:

Flattered, Miss Grundy lets Archie out of detention early, but as Archie tries to get while the getting’s good, Miss Grundy calls him back with an “Oh, Archie….”

“Why, Miss Grundy, are you trying to seduce me?” AWK-WARD.

I wish I could say the next panel is Grundy pushing Archie up against the wall and giving him a freckle-bath, but…no, actually, I don’t wish I could say that. I wish I could un-think it.

Speaking of awkward, sometimes the Betty and Veronica pin-up pages are a little worrisome. Yeah, I know, it’s a long-standing tradition in the funnybooks to have B ‘n’ V in cheesecakey pin-ups, either inside the books or on the covers, but every once in a while you’ll come across one of these pin-ups and think…

…aren’t these supposed to be high school girls? I seem to recall Jughead’s age being pinned down at 16 at some point, so presumably Betty and Veronica are about the same age (not that Archie comics are real bastions of consistency or anything). Well, okay, I can see Veronica maybe being held back a grade once or twice. But still, something about that image in particular just seems a little more…prurient that usual, like Betty picked “stripper” for Career Day.

But, then, given how often the gals show up in the comics in the altogether, at least Betty’s wearing something in that pin-up.

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