We are all Nancy.

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The official Nancy site, with a new strip posted each day and a month’s work of archives.

The Wikipedia entry for Nancy’s creator, Ernie Bushmiller.

Is Ernie Bushmiller dead? (Apparently so; here’s where he’s buried.)

An “interview” with the “real” “Nancy.”

An appreciation of Guy and Brad Gilchrist’s version of the strip.

Some original Nancy art by Bushmiller and Gilchrist.

5-Card Nancy, a game created by the right and good Scott McCloud. Play the online version (here’s an archive of some generated strips).

…And this person, inspired by 5-Card Nancy, created his own surreal Nancy strips. (As opposed to all those non-surreal Nancy strips.)

The Dark Horse Nancy and Sluggo limited edition statues.

Howard Cruse’s nightmarish classic “Raising Nancies.”

Nancy and Sluggo blown-glass ornaments.

Power Computing ’96 “Sluggo” poster – “Let’s Kick Intel’s Ass!”

The Nancy and Sluggo blue silk tie, the red silk tie, and, best of all, the POWER TIE.

Wear the tie with your Nancy and Sluggo suspenders for maximum fashion sensibility.

Andy Warhol’s “Nancy” and Shane Swank’s “Nancy Warhol.”

Nancy and Sluggo vinyl figures.

A letter of complaint re: “domestic violence” in a Nancy strip, and the response.

Nancy and Sluggo dolls from the 1950s which only barely resemble the characters.

Nancy in French, which points to this page (“Arthur et Zoé”).

Roger Green looks at a repurposed Nancy strip from the Black Comic Book.

Nancy & Sluggo Tootsie Roll display (from this site).

Just a slight scroll down this page you can see some Nancy & Sluggo stills from the Archie’s TV Funnies cartoon.

Scott Shaw! examines Nancy & Sluggo #16, with its soul-piercing cover.

“NANCY AND SLUGGO” — as in Nancy Kerrigan and, um, whatshername.

“Old Nancy Doll with Huge Head.” FEAR IT.

Dig this Nancy and Sluggo marble.

Another Nancy doll, from 1973, at the top of this page (right above The Nanny sunglasses).

Ivan Brunetti’s Nancy.

We are all Nancy.

Nancy golf gag briefly examined.

Bill Griffith’s tribute to Nancy.

If Mickey Spillane Wrote Nancy – from Mad Magazine.

“But despite their common origin and certain structural similarities, the Nancy and the Sluggo have some very important differences. The Sluggo was outfitted with a single purpose in mind, that of all-out aggression, whereas the Nancy’s owner was more concerned with the design of the galley and the equipping of the entertainment center, opting for a minimum of offensive weapons in favor of the essential defensive ones. So, while the Sluggo’s big guns and ramming capability constitute a threat not to be taken lightly, the Nancy enjoys far greater speed and maneuverability.”

Jim Woodring presents the Greatest Nancy Panel Ever Drawn.

Here’s an animated version of the Greatest Panel Ever Drawn:

…And the original strip from which it came:

Three rocks.

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