New Comics Day.

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…And hopefully I won’t go on and on like I have been the last couple of days. I’m still ill, even bailing out of work on New Comics Day after finishing the comic saver pulls and the mail order stuff. As such, I don’t have much of a New Comics Day roundup this time around:

Evan Dorkin’s Dork #11 has finally darkened comic shop doorsteps across the nation, and it’s well worth the wait. More laughs per page than your average issue of New Avengers.

X-Isle #3 – Tempers flare as the castaways begin to turn on each other, even as they encounter an unusual tribe of…critters in their quest to track down on of their own. Fast paced and entertaining, even if I sometimes have trouble of keeping track of which character is which (more of a symptom of reading the comic in a serialized fashion, one chapter a month).

Infinite Crisis novelization – Now, I first mentioned this on the site in a previous End of Civilization installment, where I said that, yeah, I’m probably going to get it out of curiosity about how they’re going to handle explaining the series in a prose format. And, given that the price it was originally solicited at was $6.99, I figured “Hey, what the heck?” Well, now it’s shown up as an oversized paperback at $15.00…apparently there was a last minute change by the publisher, thus making it returnable to our distributor, thus making me think twice about actually wanting to keep it. Feh.

DC Who’s Who Mystery Box Series 2 – The deal with the Mystery Box series is that they’re marketed a bit like trading cards…you buy the package, and one of six different plastic statues are randomly packed inside, with the idea that you’d buy ’em and trade ’em and whatnot. Apparently this didn’t go over so well, as this new series now indicates on the outside of the box which figure is in which package. Not much of a “mystery box” anymore, it seems. (But I do like this Aquaman figure.)

And, yeah, that’s pretty much it for today. I had another extensive and rambling essay in the works, this time about the Superman books, but it’s going to have to wait for another day, I’m afraid. Yeah, I know, I’m wussing out, but let’s face it, I’m sure we both need the break.

But, hey, at least I have another disturbing image for you…from one of the Kitchen Sink Nancy books again:

EDIT: Since there appears to be some confusion…that’s not supposed to be Nancy’s Aunt Fritzi.

EDIT AGAIN: And yes, in response to an question posed by a hotlinking weblogger, this image is 100% authentic, direct from the pen of Mr. Bushmiller himself.

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