Blogging about blogging is a sin; but first….

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So I turn over my copy of Looney Tunes #143, and what do I see in the Over the Hedge DVD ad?


This isn’t something I needed this weekend. So of course, I now share it with all of you. Enjoy.

Yes, as I was totally called out on a couple days ago, I’ve been a little distracted from the weblogging thing this last week, so aside from my magnum opus on Thursday, I’ve let things slide a tad.

In my defense of the Wolverine Origin reviews post, I love Amazon reviews of graphic novels from people outraged that “it was a fat comic book.” (See also my overview of From Hell reviews: “I did not realize when I ordered it that it was just pages of illustrations with TINY LITTLE WRITING coming out of the various character’s mouths.”) Plus, I find really negative and, um, not terribly informed reviews amusing. For example, this one for Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1:

“After X-Men was largely butchered by the no talent writing of Morrison, Marvel head comic geeks Joe Quesada and Dan Buckley hired Joss Wheton to script the series. The choice was a terrible one. Wheton’s writing has all the talent of a two year old. The flat dialoge and John Cassidy’s terrible manga style drawings make this little more then material not suited for anyone intelligent enough to read. Despite what you might hear Comic sales just do not make the money or the large sales figures anymore and the suits at Marvel are strongly considering shuting down their comics business and calling it a day for good. I hope they do.”

This is comedy gold, friends. Well, comedy silver, anyway.

The Word on the Street features Swamp Thing in the ongoing “312 Days of Comics” project, and very nicely dedicates it to me. Thank you, sir!

One of the unintended consequences of this site is the fact that, all over the world, complete strangers who read my site now have me inextricably connected to Swamp Thing in their minds. (The specific example I was thinking of, though certainly not the only one, was this one, which turned out to be from that rascal BeaucoupKevin.) That either makes me happy or frightened.

Have another disturbing image, this time from Richie Rich #16 (March 1963), featuring a grown-up Richie Rich, a grown-up Gloria, and their son, Richie Junior:

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