"While this book works well as either a paper weight, a sleeping pill, or fly swatter, it doesn’t function very well as a story."

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For no good darn reason whatsoever, here are some Amazon.com reviews for Wolverine: Origin:

“I ordered this item because I thought is was a novel, but instead it was a fat comic book I wish they wouldn’t have described it as a paper back. I wouldn’t have purchased it if I knew what it was. I did know someone who wanted it so it was given as a gift. I don’t think I will use amazon anymore.”

“It was just a money making ploy on the part of Marvel Comics, and it really doesn’t reveal anything that any Wolverine fan didn’t already know. I knew he was born with the claws when Magneto ripped the adamantium out of him back in 1990 somethin’.”

“Wolvie’s just another hero who is – gasp!! – brooding over his daddy’s unfortunate demise. Hint to Marvel writers: Freud did write more than one paragraph in his life, maybe you should try doing the same.”

“I am a novice comic book reader, I’ve read a measley twenty or so trades from scattered authors, but EVEN I KNOW that Wolverine’s origins are supposed to be complicated, and sad, and dramatic, involving a conspiracy, or a shady group of evil scientists or something!”

“If you are an X-Men diehard fan, don’t waste your time and get it as soon as possible; otherwise, don’t waste your time reading it. Shop through amazon and get some real books instead. And if you NEED to read comics, look for more mature european comics or japanese manga (you know, those comic books where you can see real people, real problems, and real fun, not mere superzeroes wearing tighs and red visible underwear)…”

“While this book works well as either a paper weight, a sleeping pill, or fly swatter, it doesn’t function very well as a story.”

“Read Barry Windsor Smith’s Weapon X TPB, read the Fatal Attractions TPB, read Marmaduke comics if that’s what it takes, but don’t read this. It is trash. ‘Comic book literature’?? I think some reviewers are too anxious to get another ‘Dark Knight Returns’ story so that they can be first to give it the thumbs up.”

It’s not all bad:

“Rumor has it that In the 1980s Jim Shooter (former EiC of Marvel Comics) wanted Wolverine’s origin to be that an actual wolverine had been evolved into a wolverine-man… thank God they waited to tell this story.”

“I looove comic books, particulary graphic Novels, and this just so happens to be one of the best one in my large collection. The art is absolutely beutiful, the story and writing are stylish, full of suprises, and some of the best Marvel has ever produced (and thats saying alot). If you are a Wolverine fan, or even an X-men fan, hell, any fan of art or story, GET THIS BOOK! It’s worth it. I usually re-read it at least once every 3 months, and it still gets me in that special place in my heart. sniff sniff. /wipes tear”

“Wow. I just finished reading this comic and it was so cool. I’m not a huge fanboy so I didn’t know a lot about Wolverine before I read it. I mainly knew what my friends told me. One of them is that Wolverine didn’t have claws before Weapon-X, well that friend was wrong.”

“The beginings of Logan have be told. Thank you Marvel! I can’t wait to see who else they well tell about.”

“There aren’t enough words to describe how great this book is, this is a reading requirement for all comic book fans or fans of graphic art.”

Hey, look, Amazon review spam:

“In addition to this graphic novel I’d like to recommend THE ADVENTURES OF DARKEYE: CYBER HUNTER…a fun, fast-paced Sci-Fi, that reads like a graphic novel, written by myself, Dan Bivens, and my partner, Gerald James Seward.”

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