Monday misc.

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If I may make a brief callback to the last “End of Civilization” installment, there’s one other thing from the Marvel catalog I wanted to note:

So if the books sold 3 million copies, as that blurb from the Marvel catalog states, that should translate to, what, 15 thousand, 20 thousand comic fans picking up the Anita Blake comic? (And if you’re thinking that all those Stephen King fans are going to flock to the direct market and make Marvel’s forthcoming Dark Tower adaptation a huge, huge seller…well, don’t hold your breath.)

There we go, just one last bit of jerkiness left over from last Thursday. Good morning!

And so you know that Diamond doesn’t have a monopoly (har har) on dumb stuff in catalogues, check out this fine item from Harriet Carter:

“Farting slippers ‘break wind’ as you walk. They’re a gas! Present these sound-off slippers to any ‘fart’-u-nate old timer and get ready for ‘explosive’ laughter. One size fits all.”

Only $12.98. Small price to pay for your chance to abuse the elderly.

Gordon repurposes that photo of pal Dorian and yours truly. What did I ever do to Gordon?

So the other day, I was trying to think of the Worst Halloween Costume Ever, and what I came up with was Freddy KrueBorg — Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Freddy Krueger as assimilated by Star Trek‘s Borg, complete with a cybernetic eye and all that.

Not sure why I bring it up, really, other than to ask you folks…what’s your terrible Halloween costume idea?

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