"He could play bobby brown beter than tony stark."

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1. One more step forward for the public acceptance of comic books, from the entertainment section of “PC Magazine’s Top 99 Undiscovered Websites:”

“Get your sticky fingers on the keyboard and go to Comic Book Resources, a site that can give you all the info on your favorite spandex-wearing crimefighters and other freaks of nature. And since it’s on the Internet, you don’t even have to leave your mom’s basement!”

2. So three weeks ago I link to this guy and his homemade Wolverine costume, and hey, no big whoop. And then a couple days ago Boing Boing links to it and suddenly everyone’s all “hey, look at that, isn’t that cool, woo hoo!” Oh, sure, fine, I see how it is.

2a. I’m just kidding. Relax. It’s not as if I don’t know that I get about one-jackdiddilyth the daily visits Boing Boing gets.

2b. Speaking of Wolvie costumes, that Wolverine aluminum claw kit I’d linked before is back on the eBay again. Get ’em while you can!

3. Another item on the eBay: “SDCC 2006 Comic Con Green Lantern Power Ring promo 52 1” – someone got $4.99 for that free GL promo ring that accompanied the release of Green Lantern Corps #1. You can see former employee Kid Chris modeling a bunch of those rings right here…why, that’s $69.86 worth of rings on those digits!

4. So perhaps you’ve heard that Robert Downey Jr. has been cast as Iron Man in the forthcoming Marvel movie. And yes, much hay has been made of Downey, a man who has had a public struggle or two with substance abuse, playing a comic book character that is a recovering alcoholic.

But to see what the average person on the street has to say, let us go to Killer Movies:

“I’m upset because i dont like the guy. His whole drug thing just makes him less respectable as Tony Stark. I just dont like the guy, doesn’t seem like he would look like Tony’s smart/rich character.”

“Eventhoug he doesn’t really resemble my classic image of Tony, he does have the capacity and life experience to bring an enormous amount of depth to this adaptation. He ain’t no snotty, polished and smooth little brat like Brandon Routh, which is good!”

“Only trouble is he’s 41 years old. If they make a trilogy, he will hit 50 before it’s finished.”

Yeah, don’t get ahead of yourself there, champ.


“While I think Robert Downey is a good creative actor i dont see him playing Iron Man. Thats just my opinion, maybe somebody can convince me otherwise.”

“Yeah I am not too big on this one. I guess they picked him because of his alcoholism and stuff, he thinks he can relate to Stark.”

“Downey is too old – he’s hit his 40’s, right?”

“na he looks good for a 30 ish dude, got a lot of years left in him”

“That;s some bullshit. He could play bobby brown beter than tony stark.
Give me a day and I can come up with 10 better for the role.”

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