Special "Baseball Cap" post.

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(For new comics day, we received a baseball cap with an embroidered Green Lantern logo. I kept it aside, as I thought it was a special order for someone, and needed to check the paperwork to see whom it was meant for. And then Green Lantern fan pal Corey entered the store….)

Me: “Hey, Corey, did you order this Green Lantern baseball cap?”

Corey: “Not me…I’d rather have a cowboy hat with the Lantern logo. A black cowboy hat.”

M: “How ’bout a big ol’ sombrero with the logo?”

C: “Yeah, that’d be cool!”

M: “Or how ’bout a hat in the actual shape of the Lantern logo. You’d put your head in the hole in the center there….”

C: “Yeah, um….”

M: “Or a hat in the actual shape of Hal Jordan’s head!”

C: “Like that ‘Big Head’ Mystery Science Theatre 3000 skit?”

M (singing): “‘Who’s that guy with the big head? Big head!'”

C: “That’s the one.”

M: “No, the MST3K guys had their heads actually inside the Big Heads they were wearing. I’m thinking more like Marvel’s Bi-Beast…with Hal’s full-size head sitting directly on top of your head.”

C: “…”

M: “I agree…that is brilliant!”

So, in regards to my “seeking controversy” post from a couple days ago, someone left the following comment:

“You wanna start controversy…simply write a long post about how Marvel comics are better than DC and that all DC comics suck. Since it appears that the comics blogsphere is made up of only lovers of DC comics, you should get repeatedly beaten down, linked to, and made fun of for even thinking about saying that.”

Um…what? Seems to me that DC books and business policies get knocked along with Marvel’s among the fine folks in the comicsweblogosphere, when deserved (and even when it’s not, admittedly). And ask me someday about the amount of grief I took for being one of the only weblogging defenders of the wondrous beauty that is All-Star Batman and Robin. I took more crap for defending that DC title than for anything else I’ve done on this site.

Perhaps there is a slight leaning toward DC among the comic-noscenti, but it’s hardly the 100% bias implied in that comment. And, hey, if you really think it’s a problem (and you apparently do, since I’ve seen you leave similar comments at other sites)…start up your pro-Marvel weblog and tip the balance in the other direction. And let me know when you do so I can add it to my blogroll. None of that is meant to be sarcastic or picking on you or anything…I honestly don’t see an extremely lopsided favoring of one company over another among webloggers.

And besides, didn’t I just spend a week posting about Wolverine? Am I going to have to do it for another week?

I just want to use this space to tell everybody that pal Tom has a Munden’s Bar baseball cap that he wears all the time. That is all.

Didn’t leave myself much time to discuss some of the week’s new comics, so…Nextwave #8 – funny; Civil War #4 – also funny, but I don’t think it was intended to be; 52 #20 – the space stuff is the least interesting part of the book to me, but does finally give us an origin of sorts for the Emerald Eye that people have been joking about for years; Following Cerebus #9 – an extra-sized issue featuring a lengthy discussion between Dave Sim and Neal Adams…oh, this should go well; Creation of the X-Men (and the other Marvel Rosen books) – these hardcover books for children on the origins of various Marvel characters and teams are pretty neat, but that $21.95 price point is completely insane for these thin, tiny books; Blade #1 – will Marvel be able to sell a Blade book this time? Has nice Chaykin art, anyway; Krypto the Superdog #1 – that design for Ace the Bathound is absolutely spot-on perfect; Claw the Cancelled Unconquered #4 – I wasn’t expecting this comic to do well from the get-go, but boy, it sure tanked harder than expected at our shop; Astonishing X-Men #17 – that cover kills me; X-Men: First Class #1 – “What kind of an X-Man do you take me for?” “First class.” Nothing to say about the book, just wanted to make that Firesign Theatre reference.

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