Come to think of it, I already got enough grief for that sixth one.

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So I was looking at my site, and what’s been going on in the comicsweblogosphere, and I decided that there’s something my site needs and has sadly been lacking.


Yeah, that’s right: controversy. Big heaping piles of it. The kind that inspires hate e-mail, people sniping at each other in the comments sections, links from outraged folks, blood running in the streets, brother fighting against brother…you know, like that.

So I’m trying to decide which of these topics to discuss, regardless of my actual support of the arguments presented, to attract the type of negative attention I haven’t been receiving:

Superheroines: Are Their Breasts Big Enough?

The Punisher And Other Positive Gay Role Models

Which X-Men Comic Should I Recommend to My Non-Comics Reading Friends?

Manga Are Comics? Puh-LEASE.

Hey, Didn’t I See That Thing in That One Comics Magazine on Dorian’s Site First?

All-Star Batman and Robin – A Great Batman Comic or The Greatest Batman Comic?

The Big Question in Comics Journalism: Reprinting The Whole Press Release or Just Part of It

If I Catch One More of You Cheapskates Trying to Mooch Free Reads off Several Comics in My Store, I’m Gonna Kick Your Ass

Strangers in Paradise & Sandman – Pretty Much The Only Titles Female Comic Readers Need or Want

Superheroes Saving The Comics Industry

Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, & Sue Dibny: Thank God Someone Finally Killed Them Off

The Effects of X-Men Readers Accidentally Being Exposed to Quality During Morrison’s Run on The Title

The ’60s Batman TV Show: More of A Faithful Adaptation Than You Folks Are Willing to Admit

Dave Campbell and Chris Sims – THE SAME PERSON?

Black And White Comics Are Icky

How Spider-Man Peaked During The Clone Saga

I Don’t Want You Linking to My Site…well, okay, that one’s kinda played out

Will Eisner? HACK

Quite Frankly, If It’s One Thing The Industry Needs, It’s Another Batman Mini-Series

Making Allegedly Humorous And Sarcastic Lists, And Other Ways to Generate Fast Content for Your Weblog

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