"I could blog when I wanna / Comment where I oughta / If I only had a brain…."

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So if Tim can post about Star Trek because I posted about Star Wars novels, then I can post about Star Wars novels again.

See how that works? Yeah, me neither.

Anyway, I have a flyer for the current Star Wars Legacy of the Force novel series currently being published, installment 2 (of 9) released only a couple weeks ago. The flyer includes the following blurb:

“Something so major and incendiary will occur during the Legacy of the Force series that we cannot even mention what it is – except to say that it will be sure to earn significant fan attention.”

Okay, I see that, I think “they’re killing off another character from the original films,” which is what they did to kick off the previous major novel series for the franchise. (If you don’t already know which character was killed off, you can find out here.) I’m sure we’ll see a lot of the characters created for the novels die or (in an least one significant case already, go pretty irredeemably evil), but for “significant fan attention,” as the publisher puts it, that would imply, say, Han eating some bad blowfish and kicking off, or something.

I’m trying to think of what else would be a “major and incendiary” change…return of the previously-dead major character? Kryptonite lightsabers? Star Trek crossover? As a long-term Star Wars sucker, it’s got me curious.

Conversation between pal Dorian and I:

(discussion of Jason “Robin II” Todd’s revamped origin leads into…)

M: “…So in the revamped origin, Jason was a street urchin that was trying to steal the tires off the Batmobile.”

D: “I believe it was explained later on that Batman forgot to set the protective system on the Batmobile that night, which allowed Jason the chance to grab the tires.”

M: “So the single most anal-retentive man on the planet forgot to turn on his car alarm? C’mon.”

D: “Hey, he forgot to put on his Bat-condom when he slept with Talia.”

M: “Well, that was probably his first time having sex, so Batman just didn’t know any better.”

I always consider it a victory when I can make Dor burst out laughing.

We also discussed at length Felicia Kyle, Catwoman’s sister, who, to the best of our knowledge, only appeared once and was never referred to again. (That appearance being a Batman/Swamp Thing crossover, by the way.)

In other news:

Here’s a Captain America ‘n’ Bucky wartime paper drive ad courtesy Booksteve.

Blockade Boy introduces us to the sexy, sexy Lancelot Steele, straight outta the first three years of Dazzler.

Archie and Betty, gettin’ it on…or are they? (I know it’s from a couple years back, but I was asked about this story, and, well, there you go.)

Pal Dorian has taken some liberties with my visage, with the help of the Scissor Sisters. (Warning: Sound, Flash, my face.)

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