"Why, honey, that’s beaut…um, what the hell is that?"

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So I came across the 1994 Starbur Corporation/Caliber Press merchandise catalog in a collection on Friday, and, flipping through it, found this:

Here’s a better look at it, in an image I totally stole from this Yahoo! auction:

And, if you’re so inclined, here’s an even bigger pic.

Okay, first, a Violator medallion? I don’t care if you’re the biggest Spawn fan in the world, you gotta draw the line somewhere.

Second, I kinda wonder how many of these were actually sold. Were there 590 Spawn fans who had to have a precious metal medallion of Spawn’s arch-nemesis?

Third, how many of them have survived ’til now? I imagine any unsold stock (and probably a good number of the sold ones) have been melted down and reshaped into more appealing and/or useful forms, like silver bullets to take care of that pesky neighborhood werewolf problem.

Fourth…well, I don’t really have a fourth, beyond “a Violator medallion?” For 600 bucks? I think I’d rather drop six bills on a piece of gold and a couple of rubies not molded into an oddly-designed comic book supervillain, thank you…well, okay, maybe I’d wear some Lex Luthor-shaped bling, BUT THAT’S IT.

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