Heath Ledger is a potty mouth, and other topics of note.

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Heath Ledger thinks superhero movies are…well, see for yourself:

“‘I actually hate comic book movies, like fucking hate them, they just bore me shitless and they’re just dumb,’ Ledger told press at the Toronto Film Festival.”

I know he follows this up with good words about Batman Begins and why that particular film made him want to be in a superhero film his own self, but still…I wonder how the studio feels about this?

Anyway, in other news:

Chris “Lefty” Brown wants to know:

“How easy would it be to exert our collective bloggin power (and some comic convention booze) to get Mike Sterling to make an appearance in a Swamp Thing comic book? We must work on this.”

…I’ll just settle for writing Swamp Thing…that Swampy/Legion of Super-Heroes team-up must happen.

Steven thinks more superheroes should die, give more message boarders heart palpitations.

Speaking of “dead” heroes, Loren has issues with Skeets just happening to locate a direct-line ancestor of Booster Gold in the 21st century.

When Fangirls Attack links to a particular person’s weblog…linkee unclear on concept of “the internet.”

Greg at Comics Should Be Good explains why you should own Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol run. And he’s right…you should own it. And it’s coming out in that convenient trade paperback form which is popular with the kids these days, so you have no excuse not to own it.

Not really anything to do with comics, but Bill ranks his five favorite sandwiches, complete with a bonus “What’s Distracting Patricia” (see also).

Eddie returns with a tale of a nice yard sale find. I never find cool stuff like this…all the yard sales I see have the same selection of broken blenders, curling irons, and old shoes. No one around here reads, apparently.

Alan reviews the Harvey Pekar-edited The Best American Comics 2006. Somewhere, someone is wondering why Kabuki wasn’t in this book.


In case you haven’t noticed, Tom Peyer has teamed up with some of his super-pals, and what was once the totally awesome Superfrankenstein is now the totally awesome-er Superfrankenstein and the Monster Force, complete with Jamie Delano, Stuart Moore, Mark Waid, and one or two comments section trolls that everyone enjoys picking on and laughing at.

This Is Pop Culture is always a nice round-up of vintage toys, ads, comics, and TV shows, along with current news regarding same. Pay a visit, won’t you?

Apparently I’m distracting Patricia.

And I’m linking to pal Dorian’s post in direct defiance of his draconian linking policy. So take that, you!

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