Oh, okay, I’ll stop.

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Just in case you were wondering, no, I wasn’t working up to any kind of “conclusion” or making a “point” with all my Wolverine posts from the last week (like I did with “Bat-Week” a few months ago). No, sometimes, just sometimes, a boy’s gotta post about Wolverine.

And if people tell me to stop doing it…that makes me do it some more, out of spite. So take that, you.

In other news:

Buffy creator Joss Whedon takes over Marvel’s Runaways – book presumably moves to quarterly schedule.

We’ve suddenly had a small bump in interest in Runaways, with at least one person saying all the news about the original creative team leaving got him to try the book out. You know, in the “hey, everybody’s lamenting their loss, they must have been doing some good work” sort of way, not in the “finally, they’re off the book, I can read it” way.

And, my smart-aleckiness aside, I am curious as to how Whedon’s addition to the title will affect sales. As it stands now, despite the online good word-of-mouth, the comic is, at least for us, a low-to-mid-range seller. It’s solid and consistent, more than New Excalibur, less than Hulk.

The first Whedon issue (and probably the next couple) will almost certainly be ordered in huge numbers…his Astonishing X-Men has been a success, outselling the other regular monthly X-books, and I’m sure most retailers will expect some of those sales to translate to this new title. However, Runaways isn’t an X-book, and it doesn’t have characters people know from movies, so I imagine sales on Whedon’s Runaways will probably eventually settle at “better than it was selling before, but not selling as well as people are probably expecting.” Yeah, I know, that’s some prediction.

Basically, I’m saying this is going to be a tricky one to order. Hmmmm…there’s some kind of algebraic equation there, somewhere, with “number of regular Runaways readers” plus “number of sales of Astonishing X-Men over sales of Uncanny X-Men and X-Men” minus “people reading Astonishing X-Men because of Whedon who aren’t interested in Runaways” plus “potential number of people buying two to five copies of Whedon’s first issue for investment purposes” plus “number of extra copies Marvel is going to coerce us into buying in order to obtain the inevitable limited variant incentive covers” minus “people who drop the book due to creative team change….”

Isn’t comic ordering fun?

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