Wolverine: Week Two!*

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from Hembeck #6 (Sept. 1981) – by Fred Hembeck, natch

The True Origin of Wolverine – 31 pages detailing the character’s creation and history, heavily footnoted.

Wolverine’s Top Ten Villains – “#11 – Fatty foods.”

Three iconic images of Wolverine, and one image of Wolvie fighting Darth Maul.

If you’re lucky, you can get this guy to appear at your party or other special event. Here are a bunch of other folks you can get as well. (I imagine the person playing Elektra just kinda hangs around the office a lot, reading the paper and waiting for the phone to ring.)

Custom full-face Wolverine helmet. Holy Hannah.

Some folks don’t like Wolvie: Sequart, Title Undetermined, Howling Curmudgeons (halfway down page).

“Is Wolverine in too many books?”

“yea, marvel seems to be allowing wolvie to be in almost every book, i dont really think they understand what they are doin got the poor guy, he never gets any sleep, and they put him back in the yellow spandex, and he has to sit and watch an australian play him on the big screen…”

“COMPRISONS [sic] BETWEEN WOLVERINE AND BENJAMIN” – “Wolverine has claws, Benjamin has no claws and clips his finger nails regularly.”

Courage and possibilities, friends, courage and possibilities.

Wolverine versus Freddy Krueger fan art, from this site.

Wolvie South Park-style.

Wolvie Amiga 500-style.

“The Wolverine and Jubilee Page is a fansite dedicated to one of the most interesting, fantastic, comic book duos around. Wolverine and Jubilee have been partners for years, and the great stories that comic book writers have spun about them continue to create and inspire devoted fans. So, welcome to the site! Batman and Robin ain’t got nuthin’ on these two!” The webmaster of this page also wrote an honest-to-goodness X-Men novel, so good on her.

Custom cutie Wolvie super-deformed bunny thing.

My personal pick for the best live-action Wolverine ever. (Yeah, it’s a self-link, you’ll live.)

Chris takes down Marvel Team-Up #117 (featuring Wolverine and Spider-Man), beats it mercilessly, and dangles a loogie in its face.

A great pic of Wolvie from Outcast Studios.

Urban dictionary definitions of “Wolvie.” To wit: “A useful pet name for your boyfriend if he likes to emulate a certain marvel superhero.”

Wolverine and Rogue relationshippers site – I like the drinking game.

Superman teams with Wolvie, Superman is Wolvie.

A page of Wolvie illos with a weird 3-D applet/Javascript/whatever cube thingie floating at the top of the page, there.

What’s Distracting Patricia?

Some neat CG renders of our favorite Canadian mutant.

Berserker Wolverine action figure review. Lots of other Wolvie action figure reviews on this site as well.

I don’t know what’s going on here, but that’s a great image of Wolvie.

“As many of you know, Nate decided to be Wolverine for Halloween…” The guy built himself retractable claws for his costume…enjoy the gallery of the costume in progress, the finished product, and his triumphant drunkenness at the Halloween party that followed. VICTORY IS HIS.

“Snake Eyes vs. Wolverine. Who wins?”

“I don’t care how hyped up SE is, there is no way he could even come near Wolverine. SE would never be able to sneak up on him, because Wolvy can smell his stench from a mile away, and the whole adamantium skeleton thing, the healing factor, and the fact that he’s an X-Man, SE should just kill himself.”

Wolviex.com – Flash interface, sound, pics, and and other Wolvie stuff.

Wolvie video game sprites.

YTMND ahoy – Wolvie’s one weakness, Wolverine says (not safe for work, kinda dumb, but made me laugh), Wolverine is a bad influence, Emo Wolverine, Wolverine really needs a beer, Wolverine works it, and Wolverine rules.

YouTube ahoy – Wolverine versus Bart, Wolvie’s animated origin, Wolverine versus Godzilla, “Wolverine Dance,” stop-motion Wolverine versus Kirk(?), stop-motion Wolverine versus Spider-Man, and Wolverine getting dressed:

* Maybe.

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