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So, a quick tabulation of the results of this vote, and the wiener winner is…KOOL-AID MAN, by a long chalk. In fact, the battle I see in my head goes something like how P-TOR described it. And it goes on in my head ALL THE TIME.

And of course, the irony is that someday, some other weblogger is going to come along and quote all of our comments on his/her weblog to poke fun at us in a “turnabout is fair play” kinda deal.

Okay, a couple things that need to be addressed:

As I’m sure you’ve probably heard by now, cartoonist Lea Hernandez has lost most of her home, her belongings, and, most tragically, her pets in a fire…Gail Simone has details and how you can donate via PayPal if you are able. Hernandez is keeping everybody updated on her weblog, so check there for the latest news.

Secondly, pal Nat e-mailed me earlier in the week to let me know that Licensable Bear™ has something he needs to tell us all…here’s the Flash version, and here is the YouTube version:

That’s Nat’s voice at the end there, by the way. I always thought he had a great announcer-type voice.

And, in the news, “Batwoman is Back!”…apparently the writer thinks the title of the comic she’s reading is “Batwoman Begins” (which is actually just the blurb on that cover of 52):

“Personally, there was little in this comic book story to make me want to read another issue of the new Batwoman; although it is heartening to see the creation of new women superheroes, with Batwoman being one of them. As mostly males buy comic books, it will be interesting to see if Batwoman survives in the marketplace, and who exactly will be reading it.

“The depiction of Batwoman as a lesbian does speak to growing acceptance of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people as heroes now appearing in films and television shows as well as in comic books.

“Batwoman Begins! remains a largely male creation, however. The people responsible for the new Batwoman are listed as Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Mark Word with art by Joe Bennett, Todd Nauck, Jack Jadson, Alex Sinclair, Nick Napolitano and Marlo Alquiza.”

And if I were this store, I don’t know if I would have been 100% thrilled with this “plug:”

“Male fantasy still trumps feminist sensibilities in this collector’s comic book available at Earth Prime Comics on Church Street in Burlington.”

So c’mon in, new female readers!

I know, I know…there’s only one reason you all read this website, and that’s for WOLVERINE, WOLVERINE, WOLVERINE. Far be it from me to disappoint…here is a small, and nowhere nearly complete selection of Wolverine parody characters:

From the early issues of Marvel’s humor title What The–?! comes Wulvoream, as drawn by Hilary Barta:

Barta was always a welcome presence in the What The–?! title, bringing an appealing comedic style to the proceedings.

Peter David concluded his Wolvie story “Gone Fishin'” with the introduction of Wolverina:

This one-shot gag ended up becoming a recurring one, as she popped up, if memory serves, a few more times in the series (here’s at least one example). Later, of course, the character entered regular continuity (as Peter David had previously noted).

I’ve featured Rumbo of Power Pachyderms before, but here he is again:

Oh, my. Points, at least, for not giving the character a name that plays on “Wolverine.” And yes, those are metal retractable tusk knives. Enjoy, won’t you?

I knew there was an Alf parody of Wolverine (from issue #22 of his series):

…but I’m kinda disappointed that it’s not one that has claws coming out of the back of Alf’s furry paws. Apparently he has cleats instead. (That’s “Brogue” flying behind him, in case you’re wondering.)

And, perhaps, the most famous of the Wolverine parodies…Dave Sim’s Wolveroach:

Famous primarily because Sim featured his parody on three consecutive covers of Cerebus (here’s one of them) and Marvel’s lawyers, who didn’t much like the fact that you couldn’t really tell the parody from the real thing, ended up sending Sim a nastygram abut it. The only real physical difference is the little “dealy boppers” at the tips of his mask, which are hardly obvious.

Any other good’uns I’m missing? I think there’s one in Marshal Law Takes Manhattan — I forgot to retrieve my copy from the vast Mikester archives to check — and one in Megaton Man (“Wooverine,” I believe). I also forgot to pull my copies of that series out of the archives.

Ah, well, I can always cover them on the site tomorrow.

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