"Would Logan even want to go inside Godzilla?"

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“Godzilla vs wolverine? can he stop the lizard?”

“…Godzilla’s thermonuclear breath would distinegrate right through doomsday, that includes superman, Superman can get cut, And I know, if he was hit by breath that has a heat of way over the suns heat, he would destroy all. Im sorry, None of the super-heroes could really mess with him. Theres probably three heroes who could beat him. overall, godzilla… its… HES A FREAKIN HUGE GIANT 25,000 TON LIZARD WITH SUPER HEAT BREATHE, RADIATION SUPER BREATH, AND HE HAS THE POWER OF A NUCLEAR A BOMB.
His G-cells would heal him quicker than any hero ive ever heard of, and… Gahhh… He just… Hes impossible to beat, even by other giant monsters.
If you people know ANYTHING or have seen at least 4 giant monster toho movies, You all would see just how powerful kaiju monsters are.”

“i seemeed to remember the punisher killing wolverines useing an electrical charge that fried him in ‘ the punshiser kills the marvel universe’ so i think godzilla is going to have no trouble killing him”

“He’d be like a 7 foot (arms up) tack in Godzilla’s foot. Now that’s a pain that makes one truely lose.”

“This is a retarded thread. Against the real Godzilla the entire Xmen roster would be dead. You even knew this when you made the thread, so what was the point?”

“Why would Godzilla even notice a single human? He wouldn’t; it would be simple for Logan to climb up him enter his ear mess shit up. Also Colossus is stronger then Godzilla.”

“I’d like to see Colossus pick up a Kaiju by the tail and slam the Kaiju repeatedly into the ground before hammer throwing it away. Hell, I doubt Colossus could even bench Showa Baragon.”

“NO. First of all, cutting into Godzilla’s INNER EAR to get to his brain might get his attention. Second, even if Wolverine could get in, Godzilla could regenerate any damage he would do. THIRD, Colossus is nowhere near as strong as Godzilla. The giant lizard knocks over sky scrapers on ACCIDENT, there is no way Colossus is even budging him.”

“yeah big G is far above level 100 class strength. and Godzilla-like monsters account for nothing. Godzilla fights and kills Godzilla-like monsters easily all the friggin time. That’s like saying that a vampire hunter can take down dracula with ease because he does it to other vampires all the time,,,,,it holds no water.”

“I wonder how high Godzilla’s body heat is. To be that big, heavy, and radioactive, Godzilla’s insides must be a very volatile place. Would Logan even want to go inside Godzilla?”

“This is so stupid Godzilla would just use fire breath and blast wolvi into nothingness his claws could even break godzilla’s skin. And no kids collosus in nowere near as strong as Godzilla the big green guy knocks over building and navy ships on accident”

“He can self heal, but not fast enough from the damage Godzilla can do to him. Fire breath (whether it was radioactive or not) would fry him to his adamantium bones a la Days of Futures Past, or he can get stomped on, indestructable skeleton or not, he ain’t surviving that much pressure. Or, he could just get punted cross-country.”

“Is this a joke? In Final Wars godzilla killed another Giant monster, called Gigan, with one super blast he blew apart his head.
Thats a head that probably has Hyde (or hide, whatever) on it, about as tough as admantium skin.”

“why did you just make the assumption that now Godzilla’s enemies have skin tougher than adamantium?”

“Because, Gigan is a alien from deep space, and it was said in Final Wars ‘These monsters have unbreachable skin'”

“Wolvey wins easyyy with prep ti….wait thats Batman never mind.”

“godzilla beats the xmen? that’s stupid. The most i can say on this subject is wolverine has taken down dinosaurs like a t-rex but i do know that’s not on godzillas level.”

“How long are Logan’s claws? he could ram those little things in Godzilla as hard as he possibly can, and it’s barely going to go through the thickness of his scales. A Hippopotamus has about 3 inches of skin and 3 of fat…can you imagine how thick Godzilla’s scales are? True he is a reptile, and scales of reptiles the same size as mammals are only barely thicker, but Godzilla is larger than any living animal to compare him to. […] This fight would end without Godzilla even knowing it began.”

And then the real shocker:

“ANOTHER Godzilla vs Wolverine thread?And it’s not merged or closed?”

This has been discussed before?

And I missed it?

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