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Regarding my comments yesterday: I’m not really angry over the Tokyopop thing, just more, well, miffed, I guess. We just had a sudden surge of interest in Dragon Head, for example, which is one of the titles moving to online-only sales with future volumes.

Just one more thing to add to the list of reasons why it’s so great to sell funnybooks for a living.

Also, I was asked by some customers who I thought was going to take over Astonishing X-Men after Joss Whedon completes his run. Well, first, the end of his run is about, what, seven or eight issues away, so Marvel still has a couple years to think about it. Two, since the Astonishing X-Men title was seemingly specifically created for Whedon in order to contain the inherent lateness issues (since it’s doubtful that Marvel would want a Whedon run delaying the schedule of, say, the long-established Uncanny), I kinda, sorta hoped that Marvel was planning on ending the series with his departure.

But then I realized what I was suggesting, that Marvel willingly drop a best-selling X-title, even after the primary reason for that book’s sales departs, and am thus resigned to having another ongoing monthly X-Men team title.

But if I had to pick a new creative team for the title…Frank Miller and Brian Bolland. I can’t foresee any problems with that.

In other news:

I can’t believe pal Dorian has been keeping up this side project for four months now. The jerk.

Here, have some nightmarish Jim Woodring toys (contains Flash animation, sound, creepiness). (via)

It’s the sixth anniversary of Comic Book Galaxy…what doesn’t kill it makes it stronger. Six years is like 70 in blog years, so good on them for lasting this long.

God has answered my prayers: Marvel Comics has an official message board. From the “First Movie o.k. , Next Movie probably better” Fantastic Four thread:

“I just dont thin k the average movie public would buy into but who says we have to make movies for the right”

“Yea, screw the public! It is time for us geeks to rise up and claim Hollywood for ourselves!”

“thats what ive been sying its time we geeks got some stuff don besides be kept down by the man and reading the best form of entertaiment to exist

“I love you comic books”

And I love you, Marvel Comics message board.

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